+ Mistress of Eternity +


The air was thick. Clouds shifted across the sky like continental plates – unseen and deadly, ominous sparks responding to the slightest caress. In a jaw trembling sense, it was an orgy of grey matter: their gaseous bodies writhed like worms under a magician's thumb. Oh did the mundane heavens themselves, in their grandiose wrath and humble immortality, call upon their tears to collide star crossed lovers! And did they too, in their endless sweetness, shade their eloquent eyes and flicker golden dust from their lovely lashes as they shaped their airy lips and cooed. And from their undeveloped understanding of human love, mistook it for an insatiable carnal need of angry reverberations; echoing the heat that was lost to the earth through an ancient rhythm. Unwittingly, though not in spite, was our salvation grotesquely manifested: becoming instead our starvation, the kind that emaciates our souls and drains us of a human heart. And how we starve… Oh did the heavens disfavour us, misjudge us; forsake us most bitterly!

And then what did we do?

We forsook the heavens for each other.