I didn't know

I'd always believed in true love

I didn't think you'd be the one

I always knew I'd fall in love

I didn't think it would be this soon

I fought so hard for your heart

Now that I have it,

It's beginning to slip away

I cry myself to sleep every night

Fearing that I'd lose you

You're so perfect, you're like a dream

But what happens when I wake up?

I'm falling so hard now

I'm scared of how much it will hurt when you won't be there to catch me

She knows how much I love you,

She knows you're the only thing I have left

But she doesn't care

Constantly leading you on

Constantly trying to take you away

Away from me

And towards her

I was once the reason for the smile on your face

But not anymore

The words I love you are starting to lose its meaning

It doesn't matter how many times you say it

I can see it in your eyes

It's a lie

I knew someone would end up with a broken heart

I didn't think it would be me

I knew it would hurt

I didn't know it would be this excruciating