Soul of Sound

Soul of Sound

What is that rich melody,
That all of us can hear.
The shadow of what's being played,
That touches the inner ear.

It has a zesty, spicy feel,
The texture of crushed thyme.
It can calm the wildest beast,
And set to ease, any mind.

The noises of a forest,
Void of human life.
Only the wind and swaying trees,
Harmonized as man and wife.

The sounds of a trickling stream,
As it carves canyons long and deep.
The tumbling of rocks off a cliff,
And a storm as it weeps.

The melody of the hayfields,
Bowing to the wind.
The silence of a hurricane,
At its destructive end.

This is a tasteful melody,
By natures voice its bound.
It is the beginning of a tune,
The simple soul of sound.