Immortal (The Curse to Never Change)

Immortal (The Curse to Never Change)

As my body lays unyielding,
To the ghastly thought to die.
My eyes burn to release tears,
As I recall why.

One day when my mind was young,
I fancied home and hearth.
But then I made a wicked deal,
And lost; I roam the earth.

I happened upon one of old,
A mass of wrinkles creased his brow.
And how he could move, talk, or think,
I dumbly knew not how.

So I stopped to talk to this old man,
And there he struck a deal.
He'd give me his immortal life,
And stop my life's moving wheel.

As a happy, gay young lad,
I stuck out my hand with a yes.
But I didn't look At all the clues,
And lost that game of chess.

He leaped with joy, and a wicked smile,
He shook my old-youths hand.
And there as he passed on, a curse,
He gave me with this command:

"I'd wander the world, a lonely soul,
Till the earth was earth no more.
I'd watch the rest of you all die,
And still I'd live, like lore.

I'd roam the desert in agony,
With pain as my sirens call.
Lulling the happy youth of today,
To take this burden from my hall."

But none came, so I moved on,
As lonely as can be.
Once a happy, gay young lad,
No death would hold to me.

So I wandered the cold depths,
Of winter after fall.
Still, my voice cries in pain,
My sullen sirens call.

Then, the Winter crone heard my cry,
And offered some advice.
She'd take away my agony,
With not a single price.

So I cursed her with my burden,
To live her life forever.
And as my soul fell into death,
My heart felt soft as heather.

I then saw, that I was tricked,
Giving winter eternal life.
As now the earth; barren and cold,
Could only bond with strife.

So I went back to the crone,
And deaths grip let go.
So I went through the cold caves,
Laden with ice and snow.

I took back the gift of change,
That to her, I gave.
As it was a mistake not worth making,
Because of this lonely knave.

And with a shrill, the winter Crone,
Departed on her way.
As the child of newborn Spring,
Came from far away.

So now I thought you should thank me,
For my wandering night and day.
Just so winter won't be eternal,
And so I can go on my way.

But if you take this burden from me,
Then this info., I will share.
So you know the true pain,
That you will have to bear.

To be immortal till the earth,
Is the earth no more.
Watch as all things pass away,
As you stand as still as lore.