What is The Devil

What is The Devil?

A creature of evil,
With a snakes charm.
Avoid its poison,
Or risk bodily harm.

In a shrouded forest,
In the depths of night.
A blinding chaos,
Is my plight.

This creature of sin,
A demon in my view.
Black, morbid; twisted,
Is its souls hue.

A midnight predator,
That stalks the heart.
It revels in pain,
It lusts to tear you apart.

He's the craftsmen,
Of Pandora's box.
A cunning vixen,
And quick like a fox.

He's every poison that kills,
Kryptonite to superman.
He's cancer, strokes, and heart attacks,
And plagues that rot the land.

A creature of evil,
With the charm of a snake.
A lust for hatred,
Fights in him, innate.