Questions, Questions

Questions, Questions.

Why are roses red,
And blue jay's blue.
Why does a rainbow,
Contain many hues.

How can a cat meow,
Yet a dog will bark.
And a dog and a tree,
Differ in this, hark!

How can a book,
Be made of a tree.
As made of dirt,
Is you and me.

How can a light shine,
Even when it's night.
Yet when in the day,
Lies the suns light.

Why does a bird walk the air,
As we walk on the ground.
As the earth was once thought flat,
That answers known, its round!

How can I walk,
As a snake slithers.
A bug crawls,
And a worm wiggles.

So many questions,
We all seek.
As answers bring joy,
and yet some bring grief.