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A small figure walked through a raging blizzard. The figure was a small white wolf pup. She had weird red markings around her fur. At the tip of her small tail, was black fur. Around her neck was a large, thick black collar, obviously too big for her. It had a small silver plaque on it, but the wind made it hard for her to see it. She whimpered softly, her crystal blue eyes forming tears.

M-Mommy? Daddy? W-Why you go bye-bye?: she thought.

She shivered, mewling softly. She cried out softly in pain as another harsh gush of wind hit her small body.

Her eyes then saw a flash of fire. She looked up, seeing a small village. She whimpered and began limping.

Mommy? C-Can you tell me how to change back? Please?: she thought.

Nothing came to her. Nothing was heard except for the high pitched howling of the wind.

She whimpered softly.

She heard tiny crunching. She shot her head up to see a figure walking ahead. A gust of wind then blew her over into the snow. She lay, freezing in the snow. She began to yelp softly.

Her vision began to become blurry as she froze from the harsh wind.

"Oh my goodness!" a soft voice cried.

The wolf pup looked up to see an old woman who looked only to be in her fifties. She picked up the pup and held her close.

"Poor thing," she cooed softly.

The pup nuzzled the woman, trying to find heat.

The old woman smiled and said, "Let's get you out of this blizzard."

She then began walking to a nearby cabin, trying to warm the pup.

"I wonder what happened," she whispered to herself. "Did this pup lose her pack?"

The pup understood her words, but did not know what they meant.

The old woman opened the cabin door. She looked in and, sitting by the fireplace, was a small boy. He had chocolate brown hair. He turned to the old woman, revealing emerald green eyes.

"Gran, watcha got there?" the little boy asked.

Gran, the old woman, smiled.

"A lost pup, Alexander," she said.

The little boy blushed.

Gran laughed and said, "I mean, Alex."

Alex, the little boy, laughed.

The pup shivered violently, struggling slightly to get to the fire.

Alex stood up and ran to Gran.

"Let me hold her!" he squeaked, smiling while reaching for the small pup.

Gran laughed softly, handing the pup gently to Alex.

"Be gentle now, Alex," she said, "She's scared stiff."

"I know, Gran, I will!" Alex piped, holding the pup gently.

He quickly sat by the fireplace and placed the pup in his lap. He began to gently stroke her back. The pup let her tongue hang from the side of her mouth. She turned, lying on back, Alex rubbing her stomach.

Alex giggled softly. He then blinked confusingly.

"Gran," he said.

Gran walked over to Alex. She knelt beside him, smiling.

"Yes, Alex?" she asked kindly.

Alex pointed to the pup's obviously large collar.

"What's those letters say?" he asked, pointing to the small silver plaque.

Gran held it with her fingers.

"Hmm it says 'Amaterasu', Alex," she said softly.

Alex frowned slightly.

"That's a hard name," he said, stroking Amaterasu's back, which she now lied on her stomach.

He smiled brightly.

"I'm gonna call her Ammy!" he said happily.

He looked up at Gran, smiling brightly.

"Can we keep her, Gran?" he asked.

Gran smiled slightly.

"Well she does have a collar, Alex," she said, but soon said, seeing him frown sadly, "But, we'll put up posters. If in a month, no one claims her, we can keep her."

Alex smiled brightly. He picked Ammy up, holding her to his face.

"Hear that, Ammy?" he asked. He nuzzled his nose with her wet one. "You're gonna live here with us!"

Ammy barked happily, her tail wagging. She licked Alex's face with her small tongue, her tail wagging quickly.

Gran smiled softly. She then thought curiously: That dog looks so strange…it almost looks like a wolf…

Shakes head, smiling.

No, that can't be. They don't exist any more: she thought: Besides, she hasn't changed into a human. She can't be a wolf.

14 years later: Present Day

"Yo, Gran, where should I put this?" asked a tall chocolate brown haired boy.

An old woman, who was called Gran, said, "Over there. Hurry. The whole village is coming to your and Ammy's birthday party!"

A large white dog barked at the word 'Ammy'. Alex smiled. He knelt down and rubbed Ammy's ear.

"Turning 17?" he asked.

Ammy barked angrily, shaking her head.

Alex smiled and asked, "Hmmmm? 18?"

Ammy smiled and barked happily.

Alex laughed softly while Ammy pouted.

Meanie: she thought.

Alex smiled and rubbed her ear. He couldn't tell what she was thinking but he was close.

"Oh hush, you furball," he said.

Ammy barked at him, her tail wagging.

Alex smiled and ruffled her head. He then walked off, picking up a giant box.

Ammy looked around, inhaling the fresh meat Gran had cooked. Her tail wagged as she headed off to the table.

Before she reached it, Gran got in front of her. She looked down at Ammy and smiled.

"No," she stated.

Ammy's ear fell. She smiled mentally.

Ideaaaaa: the wolf thought.

Her eyes then became slightly watery. She then began to whimper softly.

Gran only laughed.

"Oh no you don't," she said, "Nice try though. You're getting better at it."

Ammy pouted. She then got up and walked to Alex. She whimpered.

Gran laughed.

"Don't give her anything, Alex!" she called out. "I'm going inside to get the lemonade!"

She then walked off into the small cabin like house.

"OK!" he called. He smiled down at Ammy. He looked up, making sure he couldn't see her.

He then slipped Ammy a piece of meat. She eagerly ate it, ripping the skin off.

He winked and said, "Happy birthday, furball."

Ammy licked her muzzle and barked happily at Alex. He chuckled.

"I saw that," a deep voice said.

Alex shot his head up. There stood a blonde haired male with hazel eyes. He looked to be Alex's height and age. He wore a red shirt that showed off traces of his muscles and baggy blue jeans.

Ammy barked happily. She jumped on the boy and licked his face, her paws on his chest.

He laughed, his laugh slow and deep.

"Come on, Ammy, I bathed before I came here!" the boy laughed.

Alex chuckled.

"Come on, Ammy. Get off Jeff," Alex said, gently pulling her off the boy.

Jeff smiled.

"Thank you," Jeff said, "As a prize, I won't tell Gran."

Ammy barked happily, her tail wagging.

Thanks, man: she thought: You saved my tail.

Jeff chuckled and scratched behind Ammy's ear.

"Well," Jeff said, smirking, " Turning 19, Alex. Let's get this party started then!"

One hour later

Crowds of people began talking to each other. Alex smiled as he talked to his buddies. He saw Ammy play with a male Siberian husky named Keikan.

Ammy barked happily, playfully tackling Keikan. Keikan in returned bit her side playfully.

Ammy growled: So how's life for ya?

Keikan coughed a chuckle. It's been good. James fed me some elk meat the other day. It was delicious.

Ammy's eyes narrowed. Lucky.

Keikan rolled, coughing a laugh.

Ammy smiled then frowned. I had that dream again.

Keikan stopped laughing and looked at her seriously. The same one? The humans in it again with you when you were a pup?

Ammy nodded her head. But it was different this time. I saw them more clearly. The man had the same color hair as my fur and the woman had the same eyes. They were smiling and I saw my collar in the woman's hands.

Keikan looked at her curiously. Anything else?

Ammy nodded her head again. Yeah…it's so different this time. I was a baby human. It was so weird. I knew it was me by the way I looked. The collar the woman had even had my name on it, Keikan! It's so strange…these dreams are happening so much more often. They used to happen rarely. Now its like-

They're happening more often? Like a connection to something? Keikan was now sitting up, staring at Ammy.

She nodded her head.

It's like…something happened that I need to know. Who am I? All I remember was Gran finding me and that's it. I don't know who my parents are, nothing! I-

"Yo, furball, come on!" Alex called out, smiling. "Come help me blow out the candles."

Ammy smiled. She got up and walked towards Alex, Keikan right behind her.

She jumped on a wooden chair that was next to Alex. In front of her was a cake. She licked her lips.

"Not this year, Ammy," Gran said with a smile.

The small crowd laughed. Ammy smiled. She then looked up at Alex. He smiled.

One side of the cake had a pink 18 and the other had a blue 19.

"One…two…three!" Alex said.

He blew while Ammy barked, blowing out her candle on the first shot.

Everyone smiled. Ammy barked happily.

She then blinked. Her eyes began to droop and she fell off the chair, stumbling to the ground. Alex's eyes widened.

"Ammy!" he yelled.


Keikan was immediately by her side. As did everyone else.

Ammy whimpered. What is going on? Why am I in pain? This hurts…but it's…familiar…

Her eyes then widened. Her fur then began to disappear. Alex blinked. No one said a word. Everyone eyes widened as the sun suddenly became brighter and blinded them for a while. Everyone covered their eyes.

"What are you guys doing?" a soft voice asked.

Everyone moved their hands. They're eyes then widened and their mouths dropped.

Standing in the place was a woman. Her hair was long, running down her back. Her hair was white with red circle shaped signs in her hair. Her eyes were crystal blue. On the top of her head were furry white dog ears and behind her was a long, thin white tail with black at the tip.

"A-Ammy?" Alex stuttered. "Where'd she go?"

The woman blinked.

"Alex, what are you talking about?" she asked, "It's me. Amaterasu."

Everyone's eyes were widened. Amaterasu, the woman, could've sworn she saw a villager cover a young boy's eyes.

Amaterasu looked down.

"Holy shit!" she yelled, "I'm human!"

She then blushed a crimson red.

"OH SHIT! I'm naked!"

A/N: Weird beginning. I know it sucks, but it'll get better! Design for Ammy is from Okami xD and I've been watching reruns of Wolf's Rain. This story will not be like Wolf's Rain. I'm going to try and make it better. Review please!