I miss my family and my friends

I miss my family and my friends

But I must help and defend

Soldiers die each and every day

In the mud their bodies will lay

Sometimes I wonder why I am here

To live with this feeling of constant fear

I just hope and prey it wont be me

I don't want this sight to be the last that I see

The deafening sound of the bombs going boom

I quickly escape, but the others are doomed

I can hear the Shouting sounds of my friends

For them this is now the end

I know that it will soon be me

So I must pray to god and tell him my plea

And hope that he will spare my life

Even though so many others that fought died tonight

If he decides to keep me alive

I promise to spread the word of the ones that died

For this is a war what shall never be forgot

And this place where there bodies will rot

And maybe they will notice there bravery and see

That this was the worst place man could be