I'm Hero

Cast of Characters

Ethan Alexander Pennyworth-Hero

The hero of the story, he is the youngest son of the world's greatest super couple. Basically, this is his story of his coming out, stepping out of his family's shadow, finding his place in the world, and finding true love. Ethan is an empath, an intuitive who can feel another person's emotion and sometimes even know the reason behind them.

Marian Hillary Pennyworth-Hero AKA Lady Platinum

Ethan's media savvy magnetism-power mother, a Brooke Shield's look-alike, when she was young used to be a catalog model before marrying her current husband and joining him in the travel business. The child of the 1950s red-fedora-trenchcoat-blond wigged-fishnet-stillelo wearing superheroine Scarlet Starlet and the evil super-villian Lord Steel, Marian was conceived by rape. With that legacy she has dedicated herself to be the champion of Platinum City, even at the expense of good relationship with her children.

Jonathan Randall Pennyworth-Hero AKA Commander Hero

Ethan's All-American powerhouse of a father, super-strength, invulnerable, and flight, he is the co-guardian of Platinum City. Jonathan is brunette Christopher Reeve look alike. While on the surface, he seems like the big man on campus all grown up though the truth is he is a househusband at heart. He prefers taking care of the hearth and is really only in name partner to his wife in the travel business. Being the eldest son of the World War II hero All-American, Jonathan was really pressured into going into the superhero business.

Rebecca Jasmine Winehearst "Jazzie" AKA Weather Maiden

Ethan's older half-sister, she is the daughter of Marian and the second-string superhero The Weather Man. Marian divorced Jazzie's father, three months after Jazzie was born and married Jonathan when Jazzie was a eighteen months, though never officially adopted by Jonathan for the most part she considers him her dad. The only thing she got from her biological father was his name and powers (she can't summon storms, she can however control the weather in her immediate vicinity, calling up wind, rain, or when she concentrates hard lightning). Her cover job is being the Channel 5 weathergirl, once she was doing national news until a incident when she mention global warming, next thing she knows she's back on the bottom. Her relationship with Marian is best described as distance.

Wyatt Baxter Pennyworth-Hero AKA Legacy

Ethan's older "brother," though the truth is he is actually Jonathan's clone. After marrying Marian, Jonathan realize that he was sterile, unable to cope he begged his best friend, Dr. Albert Hobbs AKA The Doctor, to help him out in the end they pulled a Dolly, putting a clone embryo of Jonathan into Marian, and having her act as a surrogate. Unlike his 'dad' Wyatt is the big man on campus both physically and emotionally. In fact, he is everything the All-American wanted Jonathan to be. Recently, it has been out he is sterile just like Jonathan.

Esperanza Curtis AKA Curandera

A Jessica Alba look-alike, she is Ethan's best girl friend. She can by lying hands on a sick person, see the disease in her mind, and she also has the ability to manipulate skin and muscle to heal minor wounds. The daughter of Mexican illegal immigrant who almost died crossing the border, the poor woman prayed to God to give her strength to go on, that was when she saw a vision of the Mother. The Mexican woman not only survived but also was given miraculous healing powers, calling herself, Curandera, Healer. Sadly, the original healer sacrificed her life in order to save Lady Platinum; because of this Lady Platinum basically has more or less tried to act as second mother to Esperanza. Esperanza has been Ethan's best friend since the first grade and lives with her civilian pastor father a few houses away.

Dr. Albert Hobbs AKA The Doctor

Jonathan's childhood best friend, and godfather to Wyatt and Ethan (they basically owe their existence to his mad science skills). A PhD and MD, he has every kind of doctorate degree known to man from Physics to Genetics to Psychology to History as well as many more. Possessing a tenth-level intellect, he is arguably the smartest man on Earth. A mad scientist to the nth degree, he fits the stereotype of the absented minded doctor to the tee. He is the leading expert in superhuman biology and has won the Nobel Prize for his superhuman research three times over.

Darrius Hill Adams

Ethan's best guy friend, and Ethan met in junior high during an interesting incident involving dodge ball gone horribly wrong. The son of the Creole super heroine Madam Shades and the Cajun superhero Bayou, he is singularly beautiful with thick dark hair and rich skin tone that revealed the African heritage of his mother's family, along with the narrow, aquiline nose of his French father. Darrius has the ability to shift-shape into a jaguar or jaguar-like humanoid.

Samuel Hero AKA All-American

Ethan's grandfather, the father of Jonathan, in his prime he was considered one of the greatest superheroes during WWII. Born Shamus O'Brien, the son of working-class Irish immigrants living in one of the worst slums in all of Platinum City, his father was an abusive alcoholic and his mother was just too beaten down by life to help him out. At the age of fifteen, he runaway and joined the Army. The government personally selected him to join their super-soldier program he was the only success. Taking the mantle of the All-American, he was one of the first superheroes to appear at the outbreak of WWII. After the war, he had his name legally changed to Samuel Hero, longing for the America Dream he married Betsy Jones and had three sons. A self-made man, he is a bit of a bully, and has been estranged from his sons since his sons found out that he was having an affair with a woman half his age while Betsy was dying of cancer in hospice.

Eddie DeMarco

Jazzie's fiancé, if you can picture Harry Potter all grown up than you can picture Eddie. An civilian with no superpowers whatsoever, he nevertheless is one of the few people outside the super community entrusted with the knowledge of the Hero family secret. He works as teacher's assistance at local college while trying to get his PhD in Medieval History.

I'm Hero

Hi, I'm Ethan Alexander Pennyworth-Hero, quite a mouth full right? Well, considering the legacy that I'm from…let me start from the beginning, I'm Ethan, son of Marian Hillary Pennyworth-Hero and Jonathan Randall Pennyworth-Hero, two of the most successful travel agents in Platinum City, the owners of Hero & Pennyworth Travels…still drawing a blank, than how about Lady Platinum, mistress of magnetism, and Commander Hero, the all-American powerhouse. That's right, the greatest super couple to ever grace the Earth. But of course that's all a secret hush hush...secret identities and all, you know the drill.

So, anyways that's me the youngest son of the greatest super duo in the world. Yeah, I have two older siblings, Rebecca Jasmine Winehearst "Jazzie" to all those who know her and want to be on her good side AKA Weather Maiden, she controls the weather and as a cover job she's the weather girl for Channel 5, and Wyatt Baxter AKA Legacy, he's basically a carbon copy of dad even planning on going into the travel business. Basically, I'm the youngest in the world's most powered family, third generation; my dad's dad is the All-American, he was a real legend during World War II, and on my mom's side, Scarlet Starlet, who's claim to fame was helping debunk Joe McCarthy's Red Scare during the 1950s, but sadly fell from the spotlight after hooking up with my mom's dad the mega super villain Lord Steel. Oh, and lets not forget my dad's brothers, John AKA Captain Patriot and Alan AKA Ace Hero, and their sons, my cousins, Joe AKA Young Justice, Ricky AKA Dash, and Robert AKA Rambo.

Well, today is my graduation…after four long grueling years it's finally time to leave Hercules Prep; I'm going to miss this school. A lot of things happen these four years, I came out to my family, I found my place in life, I found the love of my life, I lost the love of my life, I gained back the love of my life, and most of all I survived. All in all, it was fun, scary, and life altering. If you like let me tell you about it…it all started the first day of high school….