Firerain 3

Painfully I felt the roar of the burning green heat right on top of me.

I didn't want to hurt this person but I had no choice at the time.

So thenceforth I flung him off of me onto the grassy ground that surrounded the park trail.

Then I pressed the button on my wrist watch quickly.

After that I was in my Firerain armor and ready to fight.

"What is that you want?".

"You haven't quite specified".

"What I want you ask."

"What I want?".

"Ha, you insane fool, it's not what I want".

"It's what this world needs for you to die".

"And I'm going to grant the world it's wish".

Making his peace he then flung a green fireball which sent me sprawling through the air straight toward the grassy ground on the other side of the dirt pathway.

He prepared his next fireball but I stopped him by hitting him with one of my own.

The battle was on, I got and then the two of us each attacked each other with enough fire to burn bacon to a crisp.

Waves and waves coming out of our hands but having no effect as each was paused in the same position.

Eventually he contributed enough power to send me forward to the ground again.

But I got up and began rapidly pounding him with fireballs until his armor couldn't take anymore.

In response he hit me with another fireball and proceeded to start preparing for retreat.

When I got up I went to Susan quickly to tell her that I would be alone on this one.

"Listen, I'm going to go after him".

"Why don't you just go to the apartment and wait".


"I know were a team but just go home and wait for me there".

"We will sort things out".

"Alright, go get him".

"I will, see you later Susan".

Then I went into the air to chase after the mysteriously green colored flaming foe.

His rate of speed was beyond comprehension and because of the battle with Mantis earlier my abilities and reflexes were by a fraction skittish to a certain extent.

But I went after him only to catch up to him and be sent sprawling back to the ground.

His green trail of fire was by that time scattered across the sky with him making the speeds of a fighter jet on average.

"Come on, why don't they just come easy anymore".

I was frustrated, tired and injured from the fight with Mantis and decided I needed some rest to seal up my future scars and past injuries and to plan a route in which I would reevaluate my hunt for Jade Flame tommorrow.

So I went home that night in the dark.

Tis the life of a superhero.

"As autumn creeps to a corner Winter proceeds to start attacking it".