When I got home that night I deactivated my armor and went straight to bed.

As I woke that morning in particular I found Susan in the kitchen making me breakfast.

"Sorry about all the confusion last night".

"Don't worry about Rodlin, last night was quite a long night for the both of us".

"Agreed definitively".

"Yeah Rodlin Centari with the great vocabulary still even while his home is scattered in shingles and remnants".

"That's me alright I would still keep an excellent vocabulary even if I were in a cardboard box or the dump".

That managed to bring a smile to Susan's face for yet only a brief second as it faded with a more interrogative look.

"By the way what were you going to tell me before Lucele and Mantis stormed in last night?".

"Well Susan I don't quite know how to tell you this in general but I think may actually have feelings for you".

"Well Rodlin um..., we have to get to work before Al kills us both for being late".

"Oh..., right let's go then".

So I got dressed, ate, and drank my coffee and headed out to go be a pizza chef again.

When we got through the door it wasn't quite nicely put as we expected it.

I tried to sneak quietly into the kitchen and Susan tried to sneak quietly to her assigned deliveries.

Everything worked except for one thing Geoff Castrasi, Geoff was a man who had a great mind for revenge and holding onto things and the worst part of it was that Geoff had a everlasting vendetta against me because I had made chef before him and because Al had hired me personally when he was Al's own nephew.

From there on he didn't hold his hatred of me and ridoculed me at every turn.

"Running a little late are we?" he asked rhetorically.

"Geoff, can you please be quite about this I don't want Al to know...".

"Know what?".

At that moment I knew I was in for it in a major way.

"That you and Susan were each both late for your work shifts at this business establishment".

"That I had given you a second chance knowingly after I should have fired you for actions that were completely inappropriate toward the employee rules and coordination's".

"Yeah I'm quite sure I know all about that Centari".


"Rodlin whatever comes out of squirming mouth of yours better be a damn well good excuse for why I shouldn't shit can your ass".

"And oh, don't give me any were good friends crap".

"Alright, I'm sorry Al it was my fault that Susan and I were late today and I'm still sorry for the bank incident last time but I just hope you'll let this one slide".

"Why should I save your ass from falling again Rodlin Centari?".

"Because I promise under a swear of my heart that it will never happen again".

"Alright, but under that promise if it does you will be most guaranteed that you won't be working here anymore agreed?".


"Alright now get your ass into the kitchen we've got enough orders to fill fifteen towns in Kansas".

I went to the kitchen to work for a long while until my lunch break later at twelve where I would be interrupted by Geoff standing in the way of the door to the kitchen.

"Going out for lunch huh?".

"Yeah, you know just headed out to Burger King".

"Might I suggest you try the "flame broiled" whopper".

I then froze in fear as I stood there illuminated by the light like a life like statue standing immensely still.

"What's the matter afraid you'll burn your tongue."

"Perhaps, but I'll see you later Geoff".

"Alright, off you go then you speed demon".

"Don't go so fast you spark flames".

After that while I ate I had to admit it was not only creepy but hazardous that Geoff some how knew that I was Firerain.

And I told Susan about it at lunch that afternoon.

"I couldn't believe it though Sue, I mean how did he know I was Firerain?".

"I don't know exactly but we both must be cautious of Geoff from know on, who's knows what else he knows and could use against us".


We finished lunch accordingly and started to head back to work for the second half of the day.

But at the college football field things were being brewed in that arena coffee pot.


"Iven, come here".

"Yes, sir".

"Gentlemen this is him our star front linemen, Iven Ross".

"Iven here has won several trophies and awards for his astounding defense plays in the name of this team".

"And we are all very proud of him for his mighty accomplishments".

"Ha, not very mighty enough".

"And you would be sir?".

"His father".

"Let me tell you all that from the moment he was born I raised this kid to play football".

"And despite all that he still demeans my good name and reputation with this slander he calls art".

"Poetry dad".

"Poetry is not art".

"Football is art son, Poetry is filth".

"And that makes you soaked in dirt and mud I'm disgusted in you son".

"You've disappointed me to an all time high".

Iven's father then left the locker room storming out his feet pounding the ground they were pressed on top of.

That night Iven went into the weight room to train his muscles in order to better himself even more.

He sat under a weight lifting it up as he layed down.

"I will show my father I'm not any filth".

He lifts up the weight.

"That I'm actually decent".

Lifts it up again.

"That I'm worthy of his respect and admiration".

Then at that moment a lightning bolt struck the power generator to the locker room.

And when Iven lifted up the weight again he hit a light bulb and several thousand watts of electricity surged right through him .

He felt his body surge the charges making way for impulses soon he lifted himself up to a sitting position put the weight down and felt stronger.

"Hm..., that's interesting".

He then did stretching exercises with his arms and what launched out of his hand covered by a violet colored glove was a purple lightning bolt.

"Well now this changes everything doesn't it?".

"Hm..., I believe I'm tired of living in my father's shadow".

"But soon when I spark up this world he will be living in mine".

"Fore, I am the Tanzanite Mage".

"And look out New Jersey, here I come".

"With winter's sudden attacks autumn feels only a pinch of what is to come".