That night Susan returned home beat up and weakened from the battle against Star, she was so beat up that she even just went straight to bed without even saying one word.

And as I went to work I imagined things wouldn't be any better and I hated to admit I was right on this because what I anticipated was less worse then what actually happened.

It was lunch break when I was cleaning up the stove and such so I could take my lunch break in peace, when who should appear but a dark creature who held much hatred against me.

Jade Flame, he bursted through the back kitchen wall with a massive hole in the wall and several streaks of green colored embers and sparks left all around the area scattered like the many leaves in the fall.

Here he was though right before me like some kind of sick, demented nightmare but the real nightmare of it was that it was real, he was realistically standing in a hole that would resemble a great, vast crater to anyone who might have seen it in a ground or landmass.

Before I could react he did, he shot a green fireball at me that sent me painfully into the left side of the kitchen, my head was bleeding blood sporaidicly like it was a waterfall spreading itself over a massive boulder.

I was furious, I quickly got up shot a fireball at flame then reached my finger toward the wrist watch button.

But he got me again sending me shifting into the large double racked black pizza stove, we used for monstrous quantities of pizza on days that the pizza shop was more then just overbooked.

Anger eroded my senses so I slammed him with my attacks becoming more and more powerful, pushing him farther and farther away almost outside to the grimy alleyway in between the store and the apartment next door.

"Judgement awaits all of us Firerain".

"And I'll see you in hell".

Flame launched a streak of green fire at my face, uncovered by protection or by a helmet rather.

Then he kept pressuring it until I was down next to vent for the stove, used to prevent any possible gas leaks or carbon monoxide epidemics among us and the customers.

At that moment I relized my next action would provide both a mistake and a solution onto which I could manipulate my current situation.

It was then that Al had entered the kitchen to inspect what had been occurring, provided the light and sound effects flossing themselves among the jaw like window of the order way between the front of the store and the kitchen.

I managed to gather vast amounts of energy and then I shot Flame far away from me far through the ceiling into the wall of the apartment next door with him slashing at the top of the ceiling and roof complexity composition.

Flame streaked himself slowly down the wall like water dripping down a shower wall after the shower has been already turned off and discontinued.


Turning over to see Al standing shocked in the doorway I didn't have time to catch Flame shoot my wrist watch with a green fireball, destroying it entirely.

"Don't think this over Firerain".

"I'll kill you next time".

"And when I arrive next time, I will bring more pain and horror that can't even imagine".

"Don't expect any sympathy anyway, you were a fool for becoming a hero".

"Going out there for these pathetic citizens who couldn't care less about you".

"In truth there is one true villain in this area today and I am not him".

"He is", Flame says pointing at Al.

"He and everyone in this world are the villains and it seems there is no changing them".

"But since you joined them you are them, at first I could say you were delusional and manipulative, hypocritical even".

"But today you are just scum, I will give as much respect as a beetle or roach is given by humans".

"Fear not though when I'm through with you and your girlfriend there neither of you will want anything but daylight".

"But let me assure you this time under my authority and rules there is nothing but night and nightfall is eternal".

Flame spread out into the sky in a bursting rush of green fire energy, which lit up the blue sky like fireworks on July the fourth.

When I looked back at Al, I knew something bigger was about to happen then Jade Flame's consistent death threats every time we fought.

Al came over to me and began to lift me up to the front of the store.

"Come on, get up".


"We'll discuss everything after you get some first aid for those cuts and burns on your face and body".

So we went to the front Al got out the first aid kit and started by cleaning up the wounds, battle scars, cuts and burns which scattered around laying themselves comfortably among every speck of skin on my body.

When I was cleaned up Al took me over to the waiting bench, I knew a discussion was about to happen between us.

The first words I hated to hear were about to be spoken by him at the time, right then and there in front of me.

"Why didn't you tell me?".

"Why didn't you tell that you and Susan were superheros?".

"It's not as simple as just saying a few words Al, this is a lifestyle choice, an honor bound profession of protecting both innocent people and morals from corruption and destruction".

"I understand that Rodlin, I understand all of that, even a three year old could understand that".

"But we have been friends for over two years so far and I hoped that would have meant alot to tell me, to trust me".

"It isn't that I don't trust you Al".

"It's just that well you know how it is, if anyone I gave this secret was associated with me their are inebitely going to be hurt".

"Yeah I know, well I actually haven't plan for this moment being in the eyes of one of my employees and closest friends but I created something for Firerain, for you".

Al retrieved something from behind the cashier counter it was a beautifully polished set of samurai style Firerain armor, more loose and slim then then the originally hefted juggernaut empowered battle armor suit that I created as a prototype, but became the exact model.

"I figured since Firerain gave so much to our community that I just wanted to help him out".

"Well it couldn't have come at a better time provided that my compact armor is destroyed and my other suits were eliminated by Jewel by means of a grenade".

I put on the armor, it fit pretty well and looked great as it shown ruby red in the light of the store.

Al then handed me a katana cased in a brown carrying holster.

"A sword?".

"I figured that it would add to the intensity and the appearance".

"Good thinking, always kind of fancied a sword".

Then I slipped it on my back.

"Al, this is great armor and an almost lethal sword".

"I don't know how I could repay you".

"You already have, for being one of my greatest known friends and for being a hero to all of the people of Jersey".

"I promise I will asst you and Susan anyway I can".

"It is the least I can do as your friend".

"Thanks Al".

"Don't mention it Rodlin".

Meanwhile back in the locker room an aggravated Flame moves his way to a bench.

Star moves to Flame to see his pain.

"Guess Firerain missed his appointment for death huh?".

"Don't start with me Star".

"Relax, I couldn't possibly do that because it seems we have more in common then we let on".

"What could you possibly be talking about?".

"Me, well I'm talking about how much we each hate Firerain and Gramina as well as this entire world".

"Therefore I know a way we can destroy them".

"I'm listening, but your idea better be accountable".

"Oh, it is accountable".

"I propose that the three of us you, me and Mage take what they desire most and destroy it".

"Or I should say who they desire and cherish the most".

Star left a blank for Flame to fill with an answer or statement.

"Al Pluie".


"We take Crazy Al and hijack his body out to the old construction yard, where we will settle this dispute between all of us once and for all".

"Yes, absolutely".

"We will make them open graves and they will fall like a jar on top of pedestal".

"As the pain begins to leave autumn will attempt to recover".