Judgement day, fate the next day was my judgement day as Susan and I went to work the next day we didn't expect what would come at us that day, we were completely unaware that the events of that day would effect us more then we assumed.

As everything came we worked all day, doing our primary first jobs with great accuracy and precision in our work.

It was awkward however provided that Al knew our secret and that both Susan and I had a new enemy or ally provided how he chose to address the situation at certain times, which meant by us that we had to watch our backs for now and possibly forever, in order to keep our secret hidden from the public.

After work ended in surprising awkwardness and silence, Susan and I went home that evening to find an envelope at the door addressed to my apartment room in my name in dark handwriting that indicated a tint of blood, pain, death, misery, torture and most of all evil above all else.

As soon as Susan and I got inside after I quickly fumbled with my keys rapidly trying to attempt to retrieve the right key for my door, I had three keys, one for my apartment, one for my car, and one for a storage box at First National Bank, in the center of town.

Then we I opened the door finally I went directly to my desk and teared open the envelope revealing the paper message inside, "Dear Firerain, I have kidnapped your friend, Albert Pluie as well as Celerice Yomari, a girl your girlfriend, Gramina tried to save, come to this construction yard in the downtown area, there is where we will settle this and have Gramina come with you there".

Susan started to look at me after I read the letter as if telepathically knowing that something was wrong with me and that I was in some sort of distress.

As if she read my mind she activated her Gramina costume, easy for her, but me I had to strap on the new samurai style Firerain armor as well as the fire katana and two holsters at my waist sides, a new addition where I put two semi-automatic pistols in each.

Then as I placed the grand helmet onto my head for it's first test run and my first battle with it I knew that few of us would come out of that construction yard with our lives intact.

I also knew that the consequences of this night would be the highlight of everything we had known, know or will ever know, just as in the past with Tornado and Cloaked Mantis and Jewel.

One could describe our movements that night like a flare, a comet or a meteor soaring rapidly through the sky, leaving burning flames in our wake but avoiding causing trouble to those below or those in the sky, helicopters, airplanes, blimps , etc.

When we arrived inside he construction yard fencing the first person we saw before us was one of the three most unpleasant people we had met in our travels on this Earth, Tanzanite Mage, Iven Ross, the "electric sorcerer", as he begun to call himself with the statement that he uses electricity like magic, in easy bursts of rapid succession.

And as pleased as we were to see him, he was even more pleased to see us at that moment as he had his back turned letting his shadow do the talking for him at that second then he began to start speaking to us.

"It's sad electricity and fire go along so well".

"So does electricity and grass anyone who stands under a tree knows that".

"Mage, you can still give in and surrender".

"I promise you that we will limit your penalties".

"Injury, assault, thievery, destruction of property, they are all minor crimes that could be redeemed almost easily by a few years in prison and with community service or good behavior you could possibly get out even earlier".

"Naive to what is true all along, it is sad that two great skilled warriors chose to side with the people that hurt them truthfully everyday".

"And for what to do what you believe is right".

"Lies to all those foolish enough to believe".

"And that makes Flame a visionary?".

"It makes him a leader, it makes him right, it makes him a savior".

"He is a savior and a visionary because he like I and Star was one of the lucky few at the casino of life that night to win the jackpot of knowledge".

"Unlike the beliefs of those whom you stand by and protect, those who are deceitful, mistrustful and our just plain corrupt and tainted by lies and falsities of promises of peace and joy, the one true peace is war, battles, conflicts, because at least the bloodiest battles with other are at least more unified and truthful then what we are living in now".

"Some parts of our world admittedly are corrupt but that doesn't excuse certin individuals that try to destroy it with terrorism and pollution that vibricates it with enough poison to burn over fifteen thousand buildings, people, objects, animals, plants and any other such aspects of matter that are here and deserve life animate or not".

"That is the one true vision that you apparently don't see here, that this world has evil in itr undoubtedly so but this world contains too much possibility, too much hope, too much charity and too many choices to allow evil to ever control it entirely".

"It may be so that you are telling the truth but it also may be that so many people leave a man in dispirit need of help on the streets to possibly rot and die and then they would have people take his body away to a mortuary to prevent maggots and flies from getting to it".

"Now tell me where this so called good is?".

"I admit again that this planet and these people may have our sins and that it is wrong to just leave someone just to die without any help that we probably could have easily given out without much of a scratch being left on us, but most people can't help that man because they either are selfish and cruel or like most of this worls realize that they don't barely have enough and wish to help themselves first and foremost".

"Help themselves?".

"Is that the hell that you put those people and so many others through each and every day infinite, endless hell that reviews itself everyday like a movie theater showing or a dream".

"Is that what it is called making people help themselves?".

At that moment I ran out of responses for the time being and was scavenging for a new one.

"That is what I thought".

"Not even there superstar superhero can come up with a cleaver comeback or even a simple statement to retort at me with".

"That just proves that they definitely elected a crappy leader to restore this city, this country, hell this entire country".

"Well hey since I'm in the mood to be such a great pal today I'll give you my freebie".

Mage lifted his arms up into the air where a steel building construct was located, at the next second I was aware of his actions he ignited his electricity upon the steel building material causing it to magnify and enhances itself spreading it's energy through the steel material.

Then transporting its vast energy, bolts and voltage upon the entire ground filling every crack and crevice with enhanced deadly, lethal electrical bolts and extreme power charges that could have fried a chicken that put one foot into it.

Quickly Susan and I leaped onto the wooden fence, where we knew we would be safe temporarily because it was off the ground and because wood doesn't conduct heat or electricity to the extent at which it burns.

But I knew in my head as powerful and angered as Mage was he could easily defy that in an instant with enough power uprooted from his body, his entire essence.

So I began to act quickly, I hoped that this flying kick off the fencing would be enough to slam him around and force him to lose his concentration and focus and send him straight down to the dirt filled ground, otherwise I would face the end of my superhero career permanently.

Without haste or restraint I lept and luckily I managed to suceed in sending Mage flying because when I saw him next he was in the underside of the future building complex.

As he got up I smashed at him with a powerful fireball ruthless and painfull enough to strike a message on its own.

When he got up from flying several more feet forward I began to hit him unmercifully sending him back short lengths by his feet which kept backing up and away to keep his balance.

Then he got up as I walked towards him again and he sent a lightning bolt at me that made my chest feel as if I were stung painfully in it by a desert scorpion.

When I recovered he hit my head which was still dazed and circling itself in the air.

I was tilted backwards into the ground, when I got up I shot him with a fireball then another, then another until soon he was helplessly stuck near a sharp drill bit attached to a drill being used to restore the construct to its former glory away from the unnecessary dirt, mud, solder and other troublesome ground coverages that they encountered while digging or excavating the territory to place parts on.

Unfortunately he tripped on the concrete slab and had his chest stabbed by the painfully sharp drill bit.

He fell limp and possible lifeless cold into the digging hole set out to perfect a space for the drill to work on the land mass slab.

When I returned to Susan, I gave her a lift with my jet boots up to the third imperfect sub-par floor of the construction yard framework.

There we found both Al and Celerice as well as trouble.

As I attempted to investigate a way in which I could unlatch Al from the strong glue bondage he and Celerice were sealed in I would be hit with a green fireball.

"Don't worry Al, I'll get you down".

As I struggled to search for any possible crack or shift in the glue molding that held Al and Celerice tightly together I was hit with a hot green fireball like a slap across the face from an old nemesis.

"No manners?".

"All guests are supposed to knock at the door and only possibly be let in by the owners of the home or the hosts".

"Flame your insane how did you...".

"How did I what?".

"Oh, you mean know who you and Susan were, where you lived and who were your allies".

"Well check this out".

"I wanted to save this surprise until the very end".

Flame removed his helmet to reveal a hard battled veteran that had been in truth fighting battles for the complete wrong team in the war of fates.

It revealed a man or better yet an entity known once as Geoff Castrasi, nephew of Al Pluie, and long time rival of Rodlin Centari, me.

"Geoff your Flame?".

"Surprise, surprise".

"But how?".

"Still wondering that myself".

"Just so you all know, while I was covering the night shift for Rodlin's day off last Sunday, I was cooking a pizza when I reached out of the window to feel the cool breeze of the night".

"Where I actually was "privileged " to touch pure radioactive plutonium left over in space".

"I thought it was a prank at first, just some kind of green food coloring so I returned working and when a tiny spark hit that arm, the whole arm turned a green tint".

"At the time it was unusual especially the fact that it also relocated parts of itself onto my other arm and also considerably the fact that after it happened like you Rodlin, my body reacted similarly to the heat and now it also continues to replay itself repetitively until the day I die".

"I love this, but in truth you did this to me Centari".

"And therefore I will present you with my fury and hatred for it, in doing the most rational thing killing you and then killing my uncle over here for his crimes committed against me".

"Isn't that right Uncle P?".

"I didn't do anything of the sort Geoff, I gave Rodlin the job first because he was a harder and much more determined worker then you, you always slacked off all the time even as just a newspaper delivery boy when you were kid, they told me you stood out there just drinking sodas and chewing gum for a half an hour before getting off your ass and actually working on your job like you were payed accordingly to do".

"And also you were always a nuisance and a rotten child, I never understood how my sister even raised you".

"You were and even now are still a demon and it doesn't matter that your an adult and hold me captive, you will always be that kid in my eyes Geoff".

"I'm sorry you feel that way but go to hell old man!".

Geoff sent a fireball that made Al fall straight through the hole he was anchored over.

As he fell straight down I rushed over the side and caught hgim lifting him back up to a safe location.

"If anything were false in this court of epic proportions it would be you Rodlin".

"The games are over Geoff, just give it up and we can all go home safely".

"I've already got ebough blood on my hands including that of my own".

"This isn't optional, no deal or no deal game show, this isn't a trade where you give five pounds of turquoise and we forget everything, this is true, this is life".

"And unluckily for you, death".

"Time for you, your girlfriend there, and this eternal existence to see what true pain, work and heroes really are".

Geoff put his helmet back on and the battle began between us.

Geoff started by throwing a green fireball at me which I hit with a fireball of my own, the two collided and were no more.

Each of us frustrated we each sent vast amounts of fireballs at each at the rate of speed a practice batting machine would go if it were lined up to another and was set up to fire off several balls at it's counterpart.

After several minutes of duking it out unsuccessfully again with the fireballs we both shot burning hot flames waves at each other to try and be victorious there, no such luck unfortunately as we each were stuck battling it out in a competition of who could hold the energy longer and at higher ranks of ability and power.

Meanwhile Star appeared from behind a gray construct in front of Gramina who was to the left side of me.

"Star, you should know better then this".

"How so Susan?".

Gramina froze in an instant trying to perceive how this terrorist stranger in front of her could possibly have known her name.

"Did I guess the password?".

"Yeah, I know all about you and Firerain or Rodlin Centari".

"It seems Flame told me all about everything".

"Including how you were the one who saved my sister".

"I don't see how that is an issue".

"In fact you should probably be thanking me".

"Thanking you?".

"For rescuing that bitch of whom I've hated the most over the past few days".

"Yeah thanks you have made my job at assassinating her all the more harder".

"Why do you want to kill your own flesh and blood, your own sister anyway?".


"Because she took everything from me".

"She took my life's ambition to become a great samurai warrior ans soiled it with herself".

"My ambition to be a warrior was supposed to come true because my father was going to retire and he was going to denote his teachings and academy to one of his favorite students and family to keep it protected as a heirloom".

"As anyone can guess he gave it to my dumb ass sister over there because he believed that she was the most qualified candidate".

"And the moment I heard him say her name instead of mine I knew my life was over".

"Everything that I had worked for flushed right down the toilet as if I hadn't worked at all".

"And from that moment on I had an epiphany, why make me suffer when the one who causes it gets off free and clear of any charge, pain or even slight momentary discomforting empathy".

"So you see I look into my sister's big pearly eager eyes and I see a pathetic little girl, therefore still fed up I feel I must destroy my oppressors in order to start cleansing this world".

"Then I need to actually destroy everything to finish cleansing this world".

"And this is all in response to your father choosing your sister instead of you?".

"Seems quite ridiculous to me".

"And it is preposterous that you would even consider thinking about mass genocide against this world as well as your own family".

"But nevertheless I know that it is my job to stop you and put an end to it by any means necessary".

"I really don't wish to have to do anything the hard way but if I am forced I will definitely, but natural I would just reluctantly let you go about your business but here in this time and situation, I have to be the arm of the law".

"Noble but ignorant there is one true judge and your so called corrupt beaurocratic law is a group of sissy lawyers, judges and juries that have no true authority nor power over anything besides themselves".

"That may be in some manners of speaking but it is still the law and Firerain and I more then avidly obey and honor it on the general occasions because it is right".

"No it is the true so called injustice, lies, deception and crime that are right in a world of both chaos and catastrophe".

"With passion running through my veins here tonight I will show you what true evil really is".

Star then launched two bright yellow exploding stars at Susan, they each stuck to two sides of a selective two building constructs.

Susan lept quickly out from in between the two constructs like a cheetah fast and far away from the previous distance.

When she raised herself back up Star hit her with the brightly lit star light that she used as a defense.

Susan backed up quite a few feet in response to her eyes practically burning themselves to blindness to both colors and everything.

Meanwhile she was anchored by Susan who hit with an uppercut to the face in the same heavy and violent manner as a sledgehammer to the face, head or even skull occasionally.

When Susan fell her head and body feet from the edge Star went over and stood on top of her.

"Can you feel it Gramina?".

"Can you feel the icy cold air?".

"That's is the breath of death and you have been on the reaper's warrant list for quite a long time decades, centuries, millinia almost".

With the two struggling agaisnt each other still Geoff and I continued to match our wits agaisnt each other.

The two of us still locked in an epic battle until the death.

Then surprisingly a walking corpse, a zombie, a spirit would make us both briefly pause our battle for a short but precise and accurate interlude or intermission between acts.

It was Iven, Mage he was alive still and had taken the elevator up but was in dire and critical condition as he made his way up the platform construction floor onto which we made our battle ground.

As he limped over to us still quite wounded from being stabbed, by the drill bit earlier, he was going to try and bargain a way to end this and surrender with Geoff.

"You look like hell".

"I could say things about you too, but I'm not here for that".

"Listen Geoff, I know this whole revenge scheme shines brightly and perfectly to you right now but you have to look at it this way you've been fooled by this clumsy facade of miscellaneous proportions, most of which foolish and irrelevantly constructed and used in disappropriated manner".

"Geoff, please there is still time to surrender and end this peacefully and calmly excluding any major blood shed, not every protest against anything has to be a war".

"He has corrupted your mind Iven".

"No Geoff, he has corrupted your mind".

"My Mind is perfectly clear".

"I can think proceed and act and it seems my next procedure and action is to eliminate you".

"Because you have betrayed me like Benedict Arnold betrayed the Americans to the British in the American Revolution back in the 1700's".

Flame then shot a massive green fireball that sent Mage directly off the ledge down all the way to the ground without any safety gear, safety nets or even paramedics to save him.

I tried to move but before I could get off the ledge he had already fell to the ground, he was dead.

"You murderous bastard".

"How could you do that?".

"He was only a young man trying to find his way in the world nd start doing the right thing, and yet you kill him".

"You should feel all of every ounce of hatred in this world as I feel towards you".

I moved quickly and shot a fireball at him then smashed his face with an uppercut.

Then I began to continue a pattern of rapid punches and kicks to knock him back gain quite a few feet of distance and shift the control of the board here in this time frame.

While Gramina and Star tried to settle things themselves.

Susan latched out a grass sword from her hand and stabbed Star in the armpit with it.

Leaving Star to get up off her and tend to her now freshly wounded and unsealed armpit which poured out great amounts of blood, enough to fill five gallons full.

Susan then continued to punch and kick Star forwardly ahead to the other edge of the platform.

Star then attempted to use her starlight beams to set Susan off again but they were not only unsuccessful but also incomplete as Susan beat Star enough to turn her into pulp .

Then at her last attempt Susan slashed at her other arm as well as her two knees and performed a uppercut with her sword sending Star ricocheting backwards into the edge.

Susan then began to walk over to Star putting away the grass sword in an attempt to help her out and get her to surrender herself.

"Star, you can still do the right thing and be a great samurai warrior, give yourself up now".

"And I promise we will try to make things easy fot you".

"What so I can come back as another one of this world's peons?".

"You don't fool me for a second".

Star then threw two explosive stars onto each pillar.

"I'd rather die then join you and the rest of the world in this pathetic society".

"But Star...".

"And today I'll die with honor on my name famous or infamous".

Susan tried to rush over to save Star but it was too late.

The stars exploded and seconds later the entire edged corner fell down several stories Star on it.

When it hit it smashed a perfectly curved pike and she fell on top of it dead.

Susan stared in horror and shock at the path Star chose.

Meanwhile as I continued to fight Flame he eventually blasted me back.

But I got back up, kicked him far forward and unleashed my anger at him in a great roaring flame that sent him far away from the construction yard and the platform, after the flame's embers passed as well as the smoke there was no trace of him.

Soon I reunited with Susan and after calling the police we untied Al and Celerice who were each shaken up.

When the police finished the investigation for the night we left.

After which Susan and I got married and happily tried to live our lives.

But still lurking in the darkness was much evil.

Still though as to whatever happened to Jade Flame that night was left as a mystery as the police found no trace of him or a body anywhere near the area.

Which didn't rule out that he may still be alive somewhere.

"When winter falls defeated to Spring, Autumn will have it's victory".