Characters: In order of appearance:

Hedgenchog- The young spirited mushroom lad destined to become one of the last Glizzard riders. (Played by Freddie Highmore-Oh, we have just been informed that Freddie Highmore will NOT be playing Hedgenchog and that the role was given to a guy we don't have to pay as much...stupid Freddie Highmore...)

Alkasneezer Crumblenose: Wise old coot, or something like that, no one really cares because the position is generic. (Ian McKellen? What do you mean he's already done it?! This is nothing like-)

Dark Lord Frances Magnesius the 3rd- Emo flippy hair can only come in so many styles. (Chris Angel? He's an actor right? I mean, he does all those special effects on his show...what do you mean those aren't special effects? Come on there is no way that's real-Seriously?! Holy crap that's awesome man! I gotta call some people! Oh my god! That is just-er...moving on...)

Oscar Fermented- The Dark Lords hawt-ness henchman...If you're into red eyes and gray skin. (He's CG anyway so It doesn't matter...probably that guy from love actually and 300 and all that, you know the guy?)

Random Village person- Played by Karl Urban

Random Village people- Played by the Village people

Gurgles...gurgles MORE GURGLES:Played by random, expendable stunt men (Orlando Bloom?)

Sum Termz

Monee: Currency that is not composed of pretty rocks

Whumpit: What happens when a werewolf and a vampire get caught in a high speed collision? WHABAM Whumpit.

The Epic First Chapter:

Our tale begins on a sunny bright day in the forest. Young Hedgenchog was out on his bi-weekly fungus find, You see, twice a week (But mostly in spring and just after a big rain) Hedgen would wander into the wilderness and scout for the wild shrooms that grew nefariously under damp logs and near rotting branches. Then if he found anything good he would take them back to the village market and sell them in exchange for pretty rocks (The village's current currency) If it was a really good day he could sometimes come back with five-maybe ten pretty rocks.

But I don't want to leave you thinking that Hedgen was as simple as that. Oh no, he was a bright lad with a great many dreams, he dreamed that one day he would sell shrooms for maybe 20 or 25 pretty rocks. He dreamed that one day he would eat real stale bread every day and sleep on a real pile of straw at night. Oh yes, he was going places.

On this day however he was lured to the deepest pits of the forest by the smell of bumbershrooms, a very rare and valuable fungus that only grew after the third rainfall after the spring equinox and only in the deepest untraveled pits of the forest. Deeper he travelled, growing ever fearful of the threats of Tumbledworts and Bazzledreds which would surely eat him alive and were known to lurk in the deepest untraveled pits of the forest. But he knew he must not be deterred, a single bumbershroom might get him 3 or 4 pretty rocks so he knew he had to keep going. Eventually he found his way to an old stump and gasped in glorified surprise. There were at least five bumbershrooms...and one non-bumbershroom.

He examined the sixth mushroom carefully, it was huge, bigger than his two fists put together and wider than the palm of his hand. It was bright blue with white spots and little glittery speckles all over. Like and good shroomer he pocketed it immediately only to find that it had no stem. Hedgenchog caught on very quickly that this must be one of those magical mushrooms that ought to be handled with utmost care. He stuffed it in his back pack.

With said magic mushroom stowed safely away, Hedgen started back to the one room shack that he lived with along with his mother, father and all twenty three siblings quite snugly...Very snugly in fact. Father called them all his little disappointments because he couldn't seem to sell any of them for more than ten pretty rocks a piece, And that just wasn't a fair deal.

That night he ate a filling meal of soggy bread and Hedgen did not mention the magical mushroom he'd found because he knew that everyone would probably want to eat it, and if anyone was going to eat it, it was him.