Chapter 6?

"Welcome!" Alkasneezer the wise announced as he and his mushroom lad companion entered through the large city gates. "The the great city of Aldocrumb!"

Hedgenchog reached into his bag (ignoring the yelps from Arp) and took out a map "Really?" He asked "that was fast..seriously, it doesn't make any sense."

With a 'hurrumph!' Alkasneezer grabbed the map from Hedgenchog, rolled it up and smacked him on the head with it "Foolish schmuck!" He said "What good is a useless thing like this when you have eyes and ears and a nose to help you on your journey?!"

"I guess I've got a lot to learn." Hedgen admitted with a small sigh. They went forth into the city, which was a bustling place of trade and technology. Hedgen decided to start using his eyes and ears and nose as his guide to get where they were going, but soon his nose took over and he smelled something wonderful. Why it was much better than stale or even moldy bread! It was something that actually had flavor...

"And if you look to your left you will see the great statue of Barytlbus standing triumphant, even though he was defeated" Alkasneezer said as he walked through the bustling streets of Aldocrumb, giving his best tour in his best tour guide voice as he did so. "Built in the year 1331 in the age of the bat by the account of Bizmark the 3rd-" He turned around to see that Hedgenchog was no where to be seen. He could be anywhere, lost and alone in the big city with only a useless (But very respected and noble) Glizzard to guide him!

"Arp Arp Arp!" Said Arp, who constantly liked to live up to his name.

Hedgen had lost the smell he had been following and now stood in a crowded market square without the slightest clue what direction he had taken in the first place. There were smells coming at him from every direction now, but many of them were most foul in nature and he decided that it was time to stop trusting his nose. He sighed "Oh Arp, you are my only friend in this dark decrepit hell pit."

"Hey kid" Said a shady voice from the near by alleyway "Wanna be my friend?"

"Boy do I!" said Hedgenchog and skipped happily toward the guy with the black hood over his face. Why was he wearing a hood so low? Who could say, maybe he had pimples or warts or something. He walked straight past the wanted poster and approached the stranger. "hi" He said "My name's Hedgenchog. I collect mushrooms."

"Oh...Really?" Said the hooded stranger "Uhh, that's great, I collect heads-er, flowers, I meant flowers."

Hedgenchog stared at him for a moment "Blue ones?" He asked eventually.

"Uhh, yeah" The stranger said "Look kid-"

"Red ones?"

"Yeah, those too-"

"Green ones?"

"There aren't any green flowers!" The stranger was losing his patience "Why are you looking at me like that?" He demanded.

"Brown ones?"

"Yeah, yes!" The stranger said "I collect every single colored flower you can imagine, So uhh" He added nervously "We're friends right? And friends help each other out right?"

Hedgenchog dug his foot in the dirt a little "I dunno" He said "I should really be on my way." The old man was probably digging up half the city looking for him.

"No wait!" The stranger grabbed him by the arm. Hedgen was starting to wonder why everything he said came out in an urgent whisper. Maybe he had a cold? "I need help, You gotta hide me somewhere"

"Ummm...Are you playing hide and seek or something?" Asked Hedgenchog. His face brightened up. He loved that game! He knew all the best places to hide. "Come on" He said quickly before even getting an answer. "In a big place like this there's gotta be lots of places to hide."

"Quick, they're coming!" Said the stranger.

"This way" Hedgen walked a little ways until he saw a stairway that had a dark space under it and dove for it (He wanted to play too).

The hooded stranger was close behind "Look" He said "When I said 'hide me' I sort of meant at your place or something."

"Oh, I don't live here" Said Hedgen.


"Yeah I'm kind of on a que-"

"Shh! They're out there..." Just as he said it there was the sound of heavy boots (Boots of steel?) approaching. Through the stairs they could see feet pacing close by.

"They're somewhere around here..." Said a voice that emanated pure evil (with a side of Bacon) "I can smell him...he's somewhere here...hiding..."

It was a moment where their must be total silence to ensure they were not captured. The hooded stranger had his hand clamped over Hedgenchog's mouth in case he dared say anything. Nothing stirred, no one moved and just as the guards were about to turn tail and leave-

"Arp!" Said Arp "Arp arp arp arp arp ARP-"

"Stupid glizzard!" Shouted Hedgenchog "We're try'n to hide here!" There was the sound of an animal being smacked and another sharp "ARP!" before all three beings were pulled out of hiding and hauled away.