The intro that has nothing to do with the rest of the story. Enjoy.

"I Don't get it." Julian was staring blankly while he said this, only looking half interested in the thing that was in front of him "Why do we have to kiss her to wake her up? This could be anything from a sleeping concoction to a nuerological breakdown, it just fails to make sense." He looked over at the stone pedestal once again where a stunningly gorgeous girl was laying with her hands over her heart looking surprisingly comfortable.

"Look, I don't make the rules." Mec, the loveable sidekick who was not so loveable after all said with his arms folded very stubbornly "I just enforce them."

Julian ignored the threat and managed to look midly intrigued for just a second " long did you say she's been here?"

"100 years." Mec replied humorlessly as he kicked the skull of some forgotten, fallen knight away from his shoe.

"100 years?! She can't be older than twenty!"

"It doesn't matter, kiss her so we can go home."

"Eww." Julian stepped away from the sleeping girl corpse thing "No way, I'm not gonna kiss her thats 100 years of morning breath! Why can't you kiss her?!"

"Umm..." Mec thought hard to make up a good reason "Because, she's supposed to be kissed by a tall, blond prince, just do it."

"No way." Julian protested "And I'm not a prince, neither are you so maybe we should just go."

"That is beside the point!" Mec stated, his frustration growing "It doesn't matter if you're a prince or not, once you kiss the girl and ride off into the sunset you're a prince, it just works that way, haven't you read any of the stories?!"

"That makes no sense, both politically and reasonably and might I add economically, can we please go home Mec? This place is making my feet itchy and there's bugs everywhere."

"We're not leaving until you kiss her."

"No way man! You kiss her!"

"No! I don't have to because I was the navigator, and I packed everything before we left-"

"But I fed the horses and made sure we had enough to eat!"

"But this was my idea!" Mec argued.

"That's why YOU get to kiss her." Julian said with a wicked grin as he pushed Mec closer to the stone slab. They both stopped and looked apprehensively at the sleeping maiden. There was a silence as Mec registered his mistake and Julian basked in his victory.

Mec leaned in a little closer...and then drew away "Maybe we should draw straws-" He said, but it was too late, Julian, who outed him physically, forced his head down with a cruel, bully-ish push until mec's lips met those of the sleeping beauty, but only briefly because by then his struggling was getting to be too much and Julian let go, holding his sides with laughter.

"Hah!" He said, pointing at Mec with a finger that was shaking with amusement "You kissed the dead chick!"

"Julian!" Mec shouted, wiping his mouth furiously with his sleeve "That wasn't fair! We should've drawn straws!"

"But It was bloody romantic-!" Julian said between great heaves of laughter.

"Prick! Sidekicks aren't supposed to do that!"

"You just like being a 'sidekick' because it means you don't have to do any of the dangerous things." Julian pointed out.

Mec blinked, he had never thought that Julian had the brain capacity to figure that one out. "...That's not true!" He said all the same. "I'm the sidekick because you like to hit things with that blunt stick you call a sword!" Also true, Julian indefinitely had a response to that but instead their attentions were both brought to the stone slab when they heard a small, delicate cough.

The lady was now sitting up and looking at the two of them. She was clearly skeptical, but hey, whatever broke the spell "My many gracious thanks to you!" She said "But which of you kindly brave knights was it who broke the spell?"

Mec and Julian just stared for a second before immediately pointing at each other. "Actually" Julian corrected while still pointing at Mec "We're not knights, not really anyway."

"Shuddup Julie" Mec hissed.

"Don't call me that!"

"Oh.." The woman looked a little annoyed but was not about to lose her composure yet "Princes then? Wealthy nobility?"

They shuffled awkwardly "Oy Mec..." Julian whispered quietly "I think she might be a bloody gold digger-"

"Alright just who the hell are you two?!" She demanded, finally fed up.

"Well we're..." Mec thought "Brothers." He just shrugged. "And neither of us kissed" As a last resort he pointed to the skull on the floor "He did, yup, but then the dragon got him, bloody beast, right shame, sorry about your happily ever after, but, you know men, they come, they go..."

"Give me a break!" The lady shouted, severely annoyed "That guy's been laying there for at least a hundred years!"

Mec coughed awkwardly "...Yeah..." He said, feeling that this was probably a bad time to suggest that they had a lot in common then. "Actually we're on a quest-"

"I don't care." Princess tossed her hair back in a somewhat snobby manner, her nose in the air "I don't suppose you've met Mage Machrael?"

Julian and Mec gave each other the same confused looks. "...No." Julian said after a second.

She gave a great melodramatic sigh. "Figures." She muttered, straightening out her skirt and swinging her legs back over onto the stone pedestal "Someone finally comes along and slays the dragon and they haven't even heard of the prophesy-"

"Prophesy?!" Mec said, alarmed "That's bull! No one said anything about a prophesy!" No! How could he gain his fame and glory if it was going back to sleep?!

"Oh" The lady sighed "There's always got to be prophesies, prophesies for all, go along. Come back when you've found the bloody wizard...prophesies..." She yawned and closed her eyes.

Mec and Julian just stared for a moment, Julian with that kind of blank indifference he had carried throughout the journey and Mec with clear and evident disappointment.

"So..." Julian said eventually "...what's that mean then?" He looked at Mec for an answer.

Mec managed to straighten himself out and turn away from the Pedestal toward the open window "It means" He said "That we're going on another quest." There was a dramatic moment then when a ray of sunlight landed and fell on them as the clouds overhead parted.

Julian coughed, shrugged and sighed quietly. "Bugger." He said under his breath.

So the two adventurers went forth on their mission, leaving the room and the princess abandoned on the stone pedestal, Sleeping sound.