Every morning is always the same. You know those minutes where you're awake but you try to convince yourself that you're asleep and try to grasp onto sleep for however much longer. Well, you see, every morning when I try to do that, I reach out to cuddle, but my hand meets nothing. Every single morning, he's on the floor.

I honestly don't know how this happens, I mean, I have a Queen Sized bed for Christ's Sake! But it never fails and then, I can't even try to get some more sleep. Instead, I glare at the irksome thing lying on the floor as if nothing's happened. He looks so damn innocent too! It's completely unfair. I've treated him so well, and this is how he repays me, I really should get rid of him but I can't.

I love him too much . . . I've known him since I was born. My Eeyore and I have been through everything together. Did you think I was talking about a boy? No, a boy cannot be as reliable and such an amiable companion as Eeyore.

He's quite a sight though. Thankfully, both of his eyes are intact, due to them being stitched but the button above his tail, I bit it off when I was younger, so now it's replaced with a bright green one. I had thrown a fit when the tan button disappeared and wasn't satisfied until my mother sewed on a new one.

I love my Eeyore, but he's – – – I looked up from my journal at a sudden noise, to see a boy standing in the doorway; he was smirking. Placing the book on my nightstand, I gathered up the stuffed animal into my arms as he stared at me, clearly amused.

"Can I help you Cameron?" I asked tilting my head and his smirk turned into a smile before he straightened, walking into my domain.

"What're you doing?" he folded his arms, a playful look in his eyes.

"I thought it was clear," I said slowly, looking at my diary before my gaze turned to his again. "Writing isn't something your can mix up all to easily."

"I meant with the horse," he chuckled and I gasped, covering Eeyore's ears.

"He is not a horse," I hissed, glaring at him. He was making fun of me; I was sure of it. You see, I am not what everyone dubs 'normal'. I like ballet and playing the piano or violin, by myself. I don't see the need to get close to someone who might possibly hurt you in the future, there just doesn't seem to be a point. So I've found the only people I can rely on are family and Eeyore. It's not because I lack people skills at all, please don't think I'm inept or incapable of making friends, it's really not that. I do have friends. I just like keeping to myself for the most part.

"Oh excuse me," he smirked, breaking my thoughts, and his eyes traveled down to the donkey in my arms. "I'm terribly sorry."

"What do you want, Daniels," my eyes narrowed; annoyed he was mocking me. I didn't like it at all.

"Your brother said that you have scissors and tape up here," he muttered in a bored tone, now looking anywhere else but me. Standing, I stepped off my bed, I set Eeyore on the desk as I straightened the dark purple shorts I'd worn to bed the previous night. Searching for the items requested by my twin brother, Nathaniel, I eventually sighed, turning to see Cameron, looking at a spot on the wall. What was so fascinating about the cream paint?


"Do you always walk around your house like that?" I found myself looking down at my chosen apparel: a simple blank tank top and short purple shorts. I didn't like clothing twisting around my body when I slept, like I'd found pants and other, normal shirts did, so shorts and a tank seemed logical.

"Shouldn't you know," I questioned slowly, watching him once more. "You're here almost everyday. What's wrong with what I'm wearing anyway?"

"Nothing," his eyes snapped to mine again, he looked as though he thought he'd offended me. I really didn't understand this boy. Do you see how I've come to my conclusion about people? They're too much effort in the long run.

"Then what's the problem?" His eyes traveled down, bypassing my chest, and kept going till they met my feet; I felt them, practically sculpting my body as they did so. Quickly moving his eyes upwards again, he smirked slightly as if he were laughing at his own private joke.

"Nothing." What was his problem? I shook my head, about to walk past him but his hand encircled my wrist as he pulled me closer.

"Cameron," I started in a bored tone, but was immediately cut off and not by words this time. A soft kiss was placed on my lips instead and I went wide-eyed before he stepped back.

"Sorry," he mumbled, turning to walk out the door. I stood for a second before storming after him.

"Cameron! What the hell was that?" I yelled, ending up in the kitchen but only to see him standing by the counter, paper in hand. "Where's Nathanial?"

"He's at the store," Cameron stated, reading a letter. "He got impatient."

"Fine," I said shortly, before glaring at the exasperating boy before me. "Where do you come off doing something like that and walking off?"

"You're angry cause I walked off?" he laughed slightly but my glare sharpened.

"Why the hell else would I be here?"

"Cause I did it in the first place." He had a good point.

"Why did you do it?" I asked, tilting my head, feeling my previous irritation simmer.

"Because of things like that," he threw a hand in my general direction and I rolled my eyes, shaking my head before I left, done dealing with the stupidity of my brother's best friend.

"Descriptive son of a bitch, isn't he," I muttered to Eeyore when I got back to my room, wait Eeyore, where was he? I looked to the desk but it was bare. Shuffling through some of the cubbies and drawers, I couldn't find him. After pulling back the covers and practically throwing everything on the floor, I found he wasn't in my bed either.

"Isabelle?" Cameron's voice filled my ears; causing me to sniff and push back the oncoming tears. It was just a toy, right? A toy that had been with me since I was born! Walking into my closet, I brushed past Cameron before I pulling neatly folded clothes out of their shelves and onto the floor. Before long, I was sitting amongst a high mount of clothes, my chest heaving. Where was he? "Isabelle."

"What?!" I screeched, turning to face the infuriating boy. Why couldn't he leave me alone?! My eyes traveled to his hand to see he was holding out the purple animal of fur and I grabbed it, squeezing it tightly to my chest but he was still there. "What'd you want, Cameron?"

"I thought that was obvious," he muttered, sitting in front of me and I raised an eyebrow, setting Eeyore in my lap, scratching behind his ear. "You really like him, huh?"

"Mhm," I nodded, smiling slightly, my previous panic disintegrated. "What was obvious?"

"What I want," his eyebrow rose but I rolled my eyes, leaning back on my hands as I watched him. He didn't say anything.

"What do you want?" I finally questioned.

"Damn it, Isabelle," he growled, quite literally pouncing at me; pinning me under him. Attacking my unprepared lips, he set the animal beside us and I could feel his body heat radiating. He was like a hungry animal the way he bit my lip but when I jumped in surprise, he seemed to realize, because the kiss became softer. Passion poured from his being to mine and as he pulled me up, I didn't question him; I couldn't really. How he'd managed to make me feel like this when I'd tried to push everyone away was beyond me, but I couldn't bring myself to stop him. I felt, well, he was making me feel as special as I treated Eeyore. As he scooped me up, I smiled, thinking about how sudden this was. My earlier reasoning as to why I kept to myself was a fabrication I told myself. In reality, it was the man who was holding me's fault. He was the reason I didn't like going to social events because when I was thirteen, I had realized my feelings were slowly becoming deeper than I ever really wanted. So grasping onto childhood made sense, plus Eeyore was really soft. "Isabelle."

"Hm?" I looked up at him and realized we were now on my bed. Quite an epiphany for one day, hm? Well, I was quite sure it was only the beginning.

"I love you," he smiled and before I could even respond, his mouth was over mine. He already knew everything; he was like a life-size Eeyore! Unlike Eeyore though, Cameron was always there the next morning, never on the couch, never on the floor. It never failed. He was lying in the space next to me because you see unlike Eeyore I really couldn't throw him from the bed, even if I wanted to. He got me to realize, that people weren't as bad as I'd made them out to be. He'd even gotten me to grow up a little; he got me to let go of Eeyore and I couldn't thank him enough for restoring my faith in people.

Well, as you can probably see, I changed it slightly. Maybe for the worst but I got a review from Katie Nicole and it got me thinking. It took me a while, but I think I made it a little more realistic because Isabelle changes in time . . . ? Again, this was only for fun; it doesn't necessarily need to make complete sense and I'm not entirely thrilled with how I ended it but, well, it seemed better than before to me. Hope you liked it, reviews are appreciated :-)