Chapter 1: Transfer

It was dark, but it was a comfortable sort darkness, subdued by massive rows of shelves stuffed full of dusty tomes. Dark wooden furniture covered with crimson velvet seemed to absorb any loud noises, and dimmed lamps gave an almost dream-like atmosphere.

It was the Loire Academy library.

The spacious room itself had many tall windows, but most of them had their curtains drawn. What little glass that peeked out from the thick drapery showed another kind of darkness, one that was bleak and consuming. The place was to close in half an hour. Most students had retreated to their rooms, but a few lingered.

Of the few, a slender male, sat by himself in a corner of the colossal school library, his piercing blue-gray eyes having no difficulty reading the tiny text in front of him. He could see every dot of the I's and every stroke of the t's in perfect clarity. Despite the coldness that his eyes held, his features were surprisingly soft and well-defined.

He was pouring over one of his favourites, about history, long fingers spread out over the hard leathery cover. The coal-black hair that fell in a smooth sweep to his shoulders contrasted greatly against his alabaster skin.

After a long day of nonstop searching, his senses were tired. Reading always relaxed him.

He knew this school's library was his favourite place upon entering. An oily smell hung in the air, reminding him of the more amiable events of his past. He could be at ease here and think, while being safe from intrusion from anyone - or so he thought.

"Um, Lucan?"

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a shy looking girl, most likely a first year, standing beside him. Half a dozen others were crowded behind her. All looked flourished and excited about something.

"Would you-"

His eyes darted quickly back to his spot on the page and Lucan resumed his game of statue. None of the girls were the one he was searching for. The leader paused and blinked at him, turning redder by the second.

"You're new here, right?" She stammered, playing with the curls of her auburn hair. "Would you like a tour of the school campus?"

Really, thought Lucan, who would want to have a tour of the campus at 10 o clock in the evening? But then again, he had spent the whole day wandering around the entire place. He now knew St. Peter Loire's Academy inside and out, upside down, right side up.

He turned to the girl and gave her his most dazzling smile. "I'm afraid I have to refuse," Lucan said calmly and as politely as possible, "I've already had a tour. Thank you for the offer."

"But-" He felt the girl's resolve crumble as she stared at him, eyes the size of saucers.

"Please excuse me, ladies." Lucan closed his book with a snap and rose from his chair, towering over the group. He brushed past the girls (remembering to smile) and left them hovering around his vacant seat. A few onlookers stared at him as he made his way out of the library.

He caught a "Tch, what's so good about him?" as he walked by a group of boys. Lucan took no notice of their presence. He walked briskly down another corridor lit with dimmed lamps and exited the main building. To his relief, the cool night air washed away all the suffocating scents that seemed to cling to him like leeches.

Almost an entire day went by, and I didn't see the human, he thought as he crossed the short path to his dormitory. He climbed the marble staircase and paused on the third floor landing to look out the window at the building he had just left. He could still see a few students moving about in the brightly lit cafeteria. The school never seemed to stop bustling with life. My senses must be dulled from being around so many of them.

Lucan's first day at Loire Academy had been rather uneventful, ignoring the fact that boys and girls alike (though mostly from the latter) had been staring at him nonstop. The extra attention didn't bother him though; his mind was focused on finding a particular someone – someone he still hadn't managed to get a glimpse of. Though he had to act like a model student and meet with his Professors and attend all his classes, he used every opportunity available to him to search for his supposed "soul mate". Lucan knew this school was huge, but given his abilities, he was sure that he'd be getting close to tracking his prey down by now.

He took out his ID card and looked at the gold numbers engraved on it. They matched those that were screwed onto a wooden door that he now stood in front of. He swiped his card on the little device beside the golden door handle which gave a little click. Lucan grasped the golden handle, and with a twist he pushed the door open.