Powerade, Zappo's and Soccer Finals


In the cold and dark
Late Wednesday night
We challenged a team
In black and white

Our own war stripes
Upon our face
Words on our arms
Just in case

Watch the ball!
We'll prove them wrong
And show them all

The whistle goes
It's time to shine
And soon enough
There is a sign

Our girls are down
Tears they cry
Heads knock out
"I'm fine!" they lie

The final whistle
A score of one
And twice for them
We had not won

Our heads bowed low
And in stifling pain
We shook their hands
Looking down in shame

Receiving our medals
Tripping on nothing
The powerade helped
With zappo's or something

On the bright side
We ended so well
2nd out of hundreds
To you all, farewell

a/n: Again, for Miss Laura - even if she distracts me while I'm trying to FOCUS