Service and Sacrifice by America's Veterans benefit today's Youth


Service and Sacrifice by America's Veterans benefit today's Youth.

The sounds of thirty caliber machine guns rang throughout the air as Boeing 77's flew over the ground, launching bombs across the war stricken ground behind enemy lines. The cries of war echoed across the battlefield as many fell, few survived, and sorrows wreck devastation upon every nation. To a teen, this description sounds like a cool video game; but life and death are no game, and this is all too real. Today's ignorant youth have benefited from the sweat, blood, and sacrifice of our nation's veterans in almost every aspect of life. The sad truth is some youth live their lives oblivious to the hard work and dedication our veterans have labored over for so many years.
Freedom, something so great it cannot be bought, was given to us by our veterans. The veterans of our past have carved the gateway to the future by their sweat, by their blood, and ultimately by some of their lives. Our veterans have seen horrors no youth of today's society could have ever dreamed of and they have thrived to better the world. Because of our veterans pain, we have untapped phones; we can own land, a car, even a house without the fear of the government taking it from us unjustly. We can raise our children without the fear that they may be unfairly drafted by the government's army, or that rebels won't destroy a town, taking young men and boys to become forced soldiers in their scheme to topple their government. We can write, worship, and read without the fear of government oppression. The veterans' gifts are many, as are their pains, so we can learn from the sacrifice of others to better the world of today.
Veterans, the past heroes of America, have been around since the dawn of America. From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War to the War on Terrorism, veterans have served as models of courage and strength to a country in need of both. Protecting the poor and weak, they stand as a beacon of hope to a future generation; every war has its price and no one escapes without scars that haunt their troubled sleep. Our soldiers have given their jobs, sacrificed their time, left their family and friends behind, and buried past commitments. Veterans have risked everything to keep America intact. They stand for peace, integrity, and the backbone of America. Veterans are the soul of the American way and the givers of the American dream. Because of these veterans, our opinions can be spoken freely. I could not be a soldier as I lack the strength, discipline, and courage, but I can sleep peacefully knowing there are people who can defend us and have defended. Their accomplishment that I know I couldn't duplicate only deepens my respect for the warriors of yesterday and ever-increasing soldiers of today.
What kind of person gives up his family, friends, and life for the benefit of people he doesn't even know? Could such a person exist, one willing to lay down his life for the sake of safety for his home, his family, and even a stranger? Yes, in fact, our country is free because of these courageous people willing to sacrifice themselves for our benefit. Some call them heroes; others call them freedom protectors; but everyone knows them throughout the land of liberty as today's veterans.