Preaching Propaganda
by: trista groulx

Why can't we look into the eyes
Nor hear the cries
We know history repeats
While just take our seats
We seem to always preach
When we need to teach
For humanity is something learned
Not a mystical trait simply earned
We seem to have miss their cries
With each failure humanity slightly dies
We always miss our lessons
As we loose daughters and sons
To historic repetition
And the powers' competition
Eyes still remain blind
While shackles sill bind
Soldiers and civilians still die
Still the majority refused to try
For they don't see the eyes
Nor hear the cries
They won't accept the teachings
While gobbling up the preachings
For that was all past history
And this is now our own story
This war they say is different
Warfare they say is more efficient
But still our sisters and brother die
While families and strangers cry
Still the innocents are loosing
While the world is snoozing
For it is all too real
We don't want to feel
For that was all in the past
And humanity has come in last
Because we never seem to learn
We need more then to yearn
We need to stop the preaching
And beginning the teaching

a/n using the word "preach" is not meant about religious teachings but rather political ones and propaganda, please note i am still learning how to rhyme