A white blanket covering Antarctic

It is a white Christmas

With storms and blizzards

And icebergs crashing down into cold icy rivers

There are seals, penguins and sea birds

All the animals with its own unique call

A zoo of animals

Whales spouting out water like a fountain

Penguins fighting the big and powerful sea

As the sea crashed against the rocks

Icebergs are carved

Seals are dancing



A leopard seal has found its prey

A small penguin

It tosses it around like a dog with a slipper

Nearby in an underwater forest awaits a magical jellyfish

There is a new feeling in the underwater forest


There are different plants and creatures

It looks like a lost city

It is a mysterious world

Away from civilization

Above patient whales wait for groups of krill to appear

In a blink of an eye a swarm of krill appear

After about two seconds the whales attack


The swarm of krill disappears

Now the whales have finished

They leave

Even if it is a lonely place

It is still a wonderful winter wonderland

As mysteries wait to be unfolded.

A/N: This was written last year by me, in year 6. I hoped people liked it.

Please review and tell me how I can improve in writing poems etc.

Appreciate the help!

This was for school and I thought I might add it on Fictionpress.