It was the beeping that woke me up. That loud, shrill, eternal beeping that woke me up and threw me from my comfortable, some-what sheltered life I had been leading until then.

I fumble for the alarm clock, grumbling. I have no idea why it's even set to go off. It's summer for Christ's sakes. After a second or two of unsuccessful searching for the damned thing, I raise my head off the bed, now toughly pissed off, both squinting and glaring in the semi-light. It's here I see that I'm not actually in my room. Instead, I find myself in what looks like a truck-bed camper.

I sit up quickly, nearly bumping my head on the ceiling of the camper, and immediately wish I hadn't. A sharp pain runs through my head and I whimper, doubling over a bit, putting a hand to my temple. "Ow, ow, ow, ow – Jesus, fuck, ow-."

I remember the party from last night and swear again, wondering exactly what it is I took. Some stupid shit one of the guys was passing around. In hindsight, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to so trustingly take something HE was passing around, wired as he is.

Trying to sort through the evens of the night before, and wondering how I even GOT here, I nearly jump out of my skin as something moves in the bed next to me.

A mop of light brown hair moves on the pillow, and a hand reaches up from the covers to brush hair away from the face of a neighborhood girl I know. "Ugh, what the hell IS that?" she asks groggily, I guess referring to the car alarm still going off that I mistakenly took for an alarm clock. She sits up, yawning, rubbing her eye with her hand, the sheets falling away from her.

With a shock, I realize she's completely nude under the covers. I gape, throwing myself against the wall of the camper, horrified. It's here I feel something dig into the bare skin of my butt, and I realize with another shock, I'M naked, too.

"Oh my god," I say, in a voice too high for my liking, ignoring her initial question. I fumble to pull the thing I'm sitting on out from under me, and find my glasses – the wire frame bent out of shape a bit, and the lenses clouded with dead skin cells. I pull them on none the less. Given a bit clearer perspective on things, I repeat myself. "Oh my god."

She turns a looks at me with the eye she's not busy rubbing, frowning slightly. I shrink under her gaze. "Are you ok?" she asks with concern, pulling her hand away.

"Y-y-yes." I say with effort. Oh, god, I thought. Any minute now, she's going to realize – and she's going to scream at me, and – Jesus, FUCK, what did I DO?

She looks at me blankly and moves closer.

My breath catches in my chest, and I brace myself for the worst. I expect a slap across the face, a blow to the shoulder, ANYTHING but what she does next. She puts her hand on my neck, pulling me to her, and kisses me softly.

I inhale sharply, eyes widening a bit.

She pulls back, looking at my expression, before laughing lightly. "Don't worry about it… Ok?"

My mind reels. Don't WORRY about it? What d'you MEAN don't worry about it? Are you failing to grasp the situation we're in? How can you be so nonchalant about this?! I want to ask these things, yell them, but find myself speechless.

She scoots down to the foot of the mattress, by the door, and shifts through the clothes that lay discarded there since last night, making no move to keep herself covered with the sheets. As she pulls her under things out from the pile, I glance away, blushing, the gesture somehow seeming a lot more intimate than the state in which we woke up. After she's safely got her bra on, I chance a look at her, suddenly feeling as though I'm seeing her for the first time.

She's not strikingly pretty. Maybe a little pudgy, with a round face. Her hair seems to always be in a state of disarray, and she'd never been the type to wear make-up. Now, however, in the strained early-morning light shining in through the small tinted window, she looks absolutely breath-taking.

She looks at me, and I quickly avert my eyes, ashamed that I was staring. "Here," she hands me my clothes, and I take them gratefully. "I couldn't find your boxers. I'll bring them over later when I've found them." I nod, unable to speak, for my tongue's stuck to the roof of my mouth. I pull on my clothes without further comment.

We dress in silence. After I've got my fly up, I look at her. "So…"

"You'll want to be getting back." She yawns, laying back down again with her back to me, pulling the covers over herself. "Your mom'll be worried if she gets up and you're not in your room."

"… Yeah." I nod numbly, scooting to the door dazedly, and opening it. The sky is a light pink, and the air is cold, despite it being the middle of July. I climb out, and look back at her, wanting to say something, anything, but not being able to summon the words. "See you later… I guess." I manage, and wince at how pathetic it sounds.

"Yup. Later." She replies, waving me off.

I feel a squenching feeling in the pit of my stomach and I close the door softly, turning and walking down the gravel road, pass the rows of trailers and mobile homes, back to my place. Crawling in through the bedroom window, I only have enough energy to fit the screen back onto the window and pull a clean pair of underwear from my dresser drawer. After changing, I slump down on the bed, the familiar sheets now feeling alien against my skin. With a grunt, I roll over on my stomach, feeling disgusted with myself, and remain there for several more hours, until my mother comes to wake me for breakfast.