I stare at the wall, and think of him,
Contemplating the particular shape of his chin.
In my thoughts, at least, he is always there,
I close my eyes and I picture his hair,
How it catches the light.

The sight of him makes my heart skip a beat,
When he's nearby my face a blush heats.
Words die on my tongue, my thoughts come undone,
This must be what it's like to love someone,
Coherency takes flight.

Days are spent hoping for a glimpse of his face,
His back, his shoulders, his muscular grace.
School is the place where him I can see,
Not that he ever looks back at me,
Though I wish he might.

The thought of him makes my heart ache with longing,
I love his height, his voice, his skill at drawing.
Feelings consume me, while he's free as air,
This burden is but mine to bear,
And I will not fight.