Empty - No emotion here - Disconnected - Desolate
Just a memory of a feeling
Vacant - Absent - Eliminated
Sentiment untangible -But I do recall them -Yet unable to tap in
Left on the outside - Separated - Parted - Sectioned off sharply
Inability to express emotions within - Back to emptiness - No feeling

But full at the same time - For there are many thoughts here
Overflowing - Swarming - Breeding - Opinions forming
Occupied - Increasing - Overactive

Solitude of nothingness - Mixed with the solitude of being overrun
Yet no connection - No bond between them
But they share a body - My body - Have access to my mind
Key control to my being - But no harmony - No team
Just individually working - Interaction low to none
Harshly competing - Rivals - Conflicting - Taking tuns for leadership

I'm unable to stable these sides
Outcome - Equals -Knowledge without power to change
Just trapped - Aggravated - Impulsive
Emptiness - packed - scared - alone