My mistake was letting her go, or maybe not appreciating her touch.
Until her I had not wanted anyone so much.
She broke my heart and the pain is impossible to describe.
I still love her, but I know I must move on deep inside.

Can someone get over the person that they truly love?
She was the one, I know it. Of her I couldn't get enough.
At times I feel my self losing, my personality seems to be gone.
Victory has never been mine when it comes to moving on.

Everyone has been through loneliness, but it feels like I'm stuck on that path.
Day by day I think of her, but there's no way I can go back.
Maybe this was supposed to happen and it's part of a greater plan.
Yet I cant stop wishing that I could go back to holding her hand.

Life almost seems not worth living without her keeping my heart.
I need to get over her, but, damn, I don't know where to start.
For once I actually hate her for making me feel this way.
Everyone learns to move on, I just got to find the way.