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Trapped in a Daydream

My world consists of lollipops and rainbows

Of pink ribbons and happy sunshine

And yet I view the world through a blurred lens

And reality morphs into dark fantasy

I see lies, I tell lies, I am a lie

Forever lost and alone in my terrible daydream

I need someone to see the true me

(If there even is a true me)

Yet, who can see me when I am but

A mirage, a mosaic of color and sound

How can I even exist when I am not complete?

Can fragments define a person, define me?

Please, please, please save me, help me

Escape from this place

Where thought itself is trapped

In unreality

Because, ultimately, the sun is too damn bright

My eyes burn and begin to water

I squint heavenwards and I realize

Light is not truth, but aids in my fa├žade

So, play me a song, a sweet little lullaby

To distract me from my ambiguities

Let me forget my doubts, my fears

My self

Let's pretend

That everything is alright

Honestly, I don't mind

As long as I have

A vestige of life

I will be fine

Let me believe


Let me believe

That I am fine

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