Wanted: Somebody to go back in time

With me. This is not a joke. PO box 322

Oakview, Ca, 93022. You'll get paid after

We get back. Must bring your own

Weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have

Only done this once before.

Jasper grinned as he stepped out of his time machine and watched himself leave. It worked! Now all he had to do was find someone to go back with him. He sat down at his desk and started writing a draft for an ad. Who ever came with would have to be able to protect themselves should something happen. And they would have to be able to get back by themselves in case. Perhaps they should be forewarned so no cowards or idiots showed up.

After several drafts Jasper smiled to himself and put his finished ad into an envelope that was ready to be sent to his local newspaper.

It took a few weeks for his ad to run and during that time he wondered that his companion would be like. Besides being smart and brave (and a pretty girl) he hoped she was kind and steadfast, that she knew of what had happened in the past and would be able to blend in.

For weeks after his ad was run he waited for a message of some sort, still wondering what the person would be like. As the weeks got longer he started to lose all hope that there would be a kind enough soul to travel through time, and maybe space, with him.

Jasper's wish to bond with this person would never come true as his ad was mocked and he was jeered at. He never did travel through time again.