Your kisses taste like Heaven…
Exciting, exhilarating, intriguing, intoxicating
Your lips are a portal to another dimension-
-A warm, thrilling world.
I could get drunk off of your kisses.
I could get addicted.
Your lips should tell me when to stop…
Because mine won't know when they've had enough
Delicious kisses, a delightful paradise
The world around us disappears, does it not?
Caught in one splendid, sinful moment
A pleasure so overwhelming it makes me want to cry
A beautiful ecstasy, where your lips guide me
A distressing rapture, my body shudders with the indulgence
Kiss me.

Your eyes have me lost
But it's warm and so inviting
This dark corridor that I am in
A labyrinth of worship
Where I am praying for a glance, adoring you
Weak in the knees
Forgiving all thoughts of infidelity
Because I know your eyes consume me
As much as I love to be drowned in the blackness
That I find so irresistible
Look at me.

Porcelain, your skin, so pale and immaculate
To linger near my side…
So imperfect, my ways of adulation
Absolve me?
You're deserving of much more than these hands can offer
But I'd still like to try
To lead you to a place
Where only we exist…
And only we love
And where we cosset one another
In this maelstrom of craving
Hold me.

Weak and desperate in such a desolate love
Are my words taken to heart?
"I love you"
I wouldn't throw this phrase around
Take it as it is and take me as I am
I need to absorb you, inundate me
I'm imploring your attention
I'm dying for your kisses
Hold me, I promise you won't fall
You won't endure consequence
I'll shield you from all harm
"I love you"
Are my words sufficient?
They're not sturdy; they tremble when used
When used to describe such a perfect person
With these feelings overwhelming me
I am dejected, suffering with this love
A love which leaves me insecure
I am too desperate?
I am too contemptible…
"I love you"
Love me.