NOTE: Farewell
June 17th, 2010

I've deleted most of Pure Born, except for Chapter Two and the latest chapter. I want to keep a sampling of it on FicPress because: a- to still keep the comments you guys have given me :) b- to save it as a memento of my early FP work.

I really don't feel like keeping Pure Born and UnMask on FP any longer. (So YES. The inevitable has come. No more updates. It's finally official. Pure Born is OFF ladies and gents.) Between time, and admittedly, lack of fire, I've stopped. I have so many other stories I'd like to take on and I can't because I haven't had closure with this one. I've never finished a thorough project, except for UnMask. It's a shameful pattern of mine. But I'd like to try and move on and pursue other adventures. Quite frankly I'm tired of vampires. (NEVER ALEX PETTYFER THOUGH!)…And besides, witches are so in this season (;

I haven't abandoned Pure Born. It's still saved, including the year-old rough drafts of the remaining chapters. I am finished with working on it though. It is kind of sad. The Pure Born experience was a tremendous journey for me. I think from this, I've certainly grown as a writer…and made many friends, and as cheesy as it sounds, found the writer I want to become. I want to thank April again, for letting me take this on. Sorry, I could not ideally complete this project. At least, on here (; I don't mean to disappoint you.

But who knows? I may come back to it again…or even to the unattached sequel, Brute. But most likely, just for me, not for you. HOWEVER…if you reaaaaaally want a parting gift of sorts, you can chillax. Just send me a message and I can send you whatever I have left that hasn't been posted, including chapter summaries of the last few chapters. That way you have an inkling of how it all ends. And then maybe you can get closure as well. WARNING: very, rough work. But it's really better than nothing.

Another thing. I really don't feel comfortable leaving PB and UnMask on here in their full because of their adult rating, especially because I'm not on here as much anymore. I realize I don't want to be attached to these stories with such raunchy plot lines and explicit scenes because of my age. I'm sure you can understand (: It's not really for the fear of plagiarism, especially since I've already discontinued the work on PB and was left unsatisfied with the feedback of UnMask.

I'm NOT done with FP though. I LOVE to write, but I don't ever want it feel like an obligation for me…which it had been until I "quit" FicPress cold turkey. Yeaaaah. I really want to apologize about that. I hate when authors do that, and there I went and did it. But now I really do understand why that happens. And I appreciate those authors who can stick through a whole story, start to finish.

So with this *teary face* closure, I hope to pretty much start writing again with a clean slate.

I'll be back at writing again, some day. I know. It's a passion. I take it seriously. Some day soon, I hope. But not now.

Stick with me, though. I feel like you all will enjoy what I potentially have in store for you all. As you can see, with this hunky ^^^ parting note, I still have the need to write.

In the meantime, I'm officially applying as a Beta Reader. I meant to do that on my one-year of FictionPress, but didn't, tehe. I still need to keep up with my game and I feel like I should still be connected to FP. I love tearing apart words and storylines and contributing to other writers' projects. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. It's much easier than actually having to do the hard work of writing (;

With that said…

Always feel free to message me.

I love to talk…about anything! I enjoy meeting people, making friends, learning and improving as a writer.


Goodbye, Lisabeth. Goodbye Micah.

So long PURE BORN.