"How are you feeling?" I asked my brother. He was laying in one of those hospital beds. He stared at me dryly.

"Wonderful thanks." He said in contradiction to his sickly pale skin and those wires attached to him. I smiled a small little smile. I hated that he wasn't feeling good but at least he still acted like his usual self.

"The doctors say you're doing better. I mean at least you're still alive right?" I asked him. It was true, we know so many people that's died from this. I knew he probably wouldn't survive but I tried not to think of that and cherish the time I do have with my last family member. He stared hard at me as if he knew my thoughts before looking away and yawning.

"I'm cold. So very cold in these hospitals but they expect you to get better." He complained while wrapping himself up in the thin sheets that the hospital supplied.

"Oh, well I'm gonna get us some hot chocolate okay? I'll be rite back." I said in an attempt to make him feel better. He smiled weakly before managing a nod.

"Take your time. It's not like I'm going anywhere with my 'incurable condition' and all." I rolled my eyes at his mocking of the doctors because it really wasn't a laughing matter as sauntered out of the room. Beep, Beep. I took my Eno out from my lower coat pocket. A hologram projected off of the thin shiny surface. My advisors were too cheap to buy one of the newer models so I still have the old ones with the projections. Lame I know.

"Kazu, where are you?" I stared at the hologram blankly trying to make sense of the fuzziness. Then after giving up I just looked at the id. V456743-ya. I recognized it as Milo's, who has been my best friend since well ever.

"I'm at the hospital checking up on Giblie. You know the usual." I responded my voice betraying the sorrowful note laced in there. He nodded understandingly his huge furry ears bobbing up and down shielding his face momentarily. I couldn't bring myself to laugh at his somewhat comical appearance.

"I see. Well I guess that means you can't chill with us today…" He said trailing off in understanding

"Yup. Bye." I said before pressing down lightly on the end picture on the screen. Milo is a vengie. Vengies came from their planet Tehlona 2000 years ago which was way before the Fushiks and Drazils came to Earth. Apparently there was some world war going on so a lot of Vengies came here first to seek refuge. When they came here, humans enslaved them since vengies were smaller but were used to doing work back home because there used to be lots of mines on Tehlona. Now, Vengies and the other races gained their civil rights but there are still a lot of discriminators. Milo came here when I was a kid and after my parents died and Giblie got really sick I needed a friend at that moment. Besides all the other kids in the area were misfits as well so it wasn't like I could be picky.

I reached the kiosk and bought 2 cocoa slips and milk squares along with a microwave pass. It was kind of expensive with the new taxes so it was about 20 cincy. After the hot cocoa was done, I put one of them in the transporter and set the directions to room 302. I sighed and wished that for once my parents would actually be here to take care of Giblie so I could live a little bit easier. I know it's wishful thinking by the way things are now but I wouldn't have to work to pay for the medicine for Giblie. I quickly shook my head as if to banish the selfish thoughts from my head. I needed to be the adult for Giblie and for myself besides we'd all have to make sacrifices sometime right?

•·. .·•

"I'll be back tomorrow after school again okay?" I told Giblie before I left the hospital. The sun was tired now so the sky was smeared with rainbows of lavenders and oranges and a few pink ribbons. I was walking back to the Center which is where I lived with a bunch of other people since I couldn't afford to get a place of my own. I saw people using terra stones to create foliage and plant a few trees in preparation for the crowning festival. Every time our King dies, is fatally ill or is past the ripe old age of 70, our country has another crowning festival. Its normally only in those rich, well known cities in Rune but this time they decided to make it in our little city by the coast called Hezphyre. Apparently the soon-to-be queen wants to connect more with her average people even though I bet we won't even get to catch a glimpse of her for more than two seconds before all they take her to the "better" part of our area. I resumed my long trek to the center which was in view now.

"Hey look! Isn't that Kazu?" I heard a voice in the distance shout. I turned and looked for the source blindly before spotting three figures in the distance. I saw Milo, Arika and Rai. Arika and Rai are identical twins and they moved here a few years ago to live with their aunt. Arika is the oldest and she's the mature logical one. She's also really protective over her younger sister Rai. Rai is more playful and easy-going than Arika is but most twins are opposites. Anyway, the three figures approached me and got closer.

"How's Giblie doing?" Arika asked when the three finally reached me. I shrugged noncommittally and glanced away. She sensed that I probably didn't want to talk about it and didn't question the issue further. The truth was, the doctors say he's in a fragile state and he could die anytime. Ever since last year his health has been hastily worsening and they're telling me it would best if I just prepared for the worst. I really didn't want to come to terms with the fact that my kid brother could die and there's nothing I could do besides stand idly by. He was all the family I had left.

"Yeah…so we were wondering if you were coming with us to that crowning festival-thingy." Rai supplied for the group as she pushed a few silver strands of hair out of her eyes. I quirked and eyebrow as Milo shook his head since he was already went through this before.

"No because they've done nothing to help the people who were actually hurt from the war! They just want us to forget while thousands of innocent people from Rune have died from it. They want me to forget that my brother has been in the hospital for 3 years and could die any day! I'm sorry that I don't want to forget about this and watch as some girl is going to be the next ruler and like our last one will only think of the rich more privileged people and not orphans like us!" I said before leaving. I knew I shouldn't have blown up at them because it wasn't their fault that the four continents of our world were always at odds with each other. It wasn't their fault that the ones who always got the short end of the stick were people like us. I decided that I didn't want to go back to the Center, which I would never call home, so I went to the pier instead. The sky was really dark now so the moon would show its pale face soon. This also meant that they would enforce our civilian curfew at 19 hundred hours. Beep, Beep. I pulled out my Eno when I heard the familiar beep. I pressed answer when I didn't recognize the number and saw that the person had disabled the projection so I couldn't tell who it was. It felt weird holding the Eno to my ear it reminded me of what they were teaching us in history class how people used telephones and they couldn't see who they were talking to but could only hear them. It's things like that that make me happy that I live in the 23rd century.

"Kazu." The person greeted. Their voice sounded strange as if they were talking into a can. I guessed that they had used something to disguise their voice. Why would someone call me to be so secretive anyway?

"Yeah its me. May I ask who I have the pleasure of speaking to?" I inquired. There was a momentary pause before the person on the other end responded.

"No you may not. Listen very carefully Kazu, at tomorrow's Crowning Ceremony you will not go to the celebration. You will go to Tempest Cave instead." I paused and looked at the device as if I could see the person. Just who was this anyway?

"I'm not going anywhere unless you tell me who you are first." I snapped. I wasn't sure if the other person responded or not because the blaring of the Kano's above me was so loud. I think they understood this because they repeated what they said.

"My identity is not necessary. If you do not obey our orders you can say goodbye to your brother Giblie." I don't know if my heart stopped beating right then and there but I knew what was important for me to do in a situation like this. It felt a little unreal also it seemed as if this person was reading from something or was given orders to say this. They also said 'our' orders.

"Fine I'll go. I don't know what you want but I guess I have no choice since your going to kill my little brother." I replied and made a mental choice to inform the others of this incident. I heard the jingle that meant the call ended and I put away my communicator.