The next day I told my seemingly gullible friends about this mysterious call I got yesterday after visiting Giblie earlier that morning. Giblie was doing the same which is good since he isn't getting worse right? Anyway my friends were slower than I thought because they kept repeating everything I told them and interrupting before I could finish telling my tale.

"So some strange guy called you and asked you to meet him or else Giblie would die?" Milo asked quirking his head to the side slightly in question. I rolled my eyes before nodding wordlessly. He began shaking his head in disbelief. Arika just stared.

"Don't you think this is a little weird? I mean no offense Kazu but this just doesn't seem logical." She stated. I sighed in frustration.

"Whatever guys, it doesn't matter if you believe me or not because I still have to go. For Giblie." I added that last part as an after thought. Mean while during this whole thing Rai was quietly pondering this new information and finally her bright blue eyes lit up.

"Kazu, I'm going to go with you." She decided and nodded sagely. "It sounds like fun AND it's a serious matter. Besides we thought about what you said yesterday and we figured who really wants to see some snobby kid getting crowned? Especially when we know they won't be doing anything to benefit us." She grinned gleefully. I looked at the others waiting for them too agree as well.

"Weeeeellll." Milo started dragging out the word. "Since it IS for a good cause and all, I guess I'll go. Someone needs to make sure you losers don't make too big of a mess for Arika and I to clean-Oh!" He said as a hologram of himself projected itself against the tree. You got a new message! It said before disappearing back into his coat pocket. He took his eno out and read what was on the screen before putting it away. "Sorry guys I can't go so I'll see you later! I got a new job!" He yelled smiling widely as he backed away and hauled a KTC (Kano Transportation Commission) and waved a furry paw before closing the door behind him. This whole procedure took a little longer than 2.4567 minutes so we sat here trying to let this sink in before continuing our conversation.

"That was rather…unexpected. So since Milo isn't going you two are going to have to settle for little ol' me." Arika spoke stating the obvious. Rai exchanged a worried glance with me.

"Great now she's going to take that fun chew it up, regurgitate it then spit it into a toilet before flushing it." Arika shot her twin a death glare who raised her hands innocently. "Hey I'm just saying what everybody knows." Rai said before backing away slowly and breaking into a run.

"She was smart to run." Arika stated before running after her sister. I shook my head and begun walking after them before I heard a loud crash then the sound of some strangled animal's cry.

"Hey you, watch out!" I heard a gruff gurgled voice of a Drazil yell. I turned around slowly and looked around blindly before speaking.

"Hmm?" and then everything went black.

•·. .·•

"You should smile more, princess. This is your day. I wish I could be able to rule Rune." The nanny babbled on as she continued putting pins on my dress practically stabbing me with those sharp tiny things. She wouldn't understand. She would never understand because first of all she isn't worth me even talking to much less showing my smile to. So I just solemnly nodded and hoped she would finish with my dress and get out of my presence already. Apparently she heard my thoughts and it was her mission in life to annoy the soon-to-be ruler of Rune because she continued on. " I remember your father's Crowning Ceremony." She paused to reminisce as I groaned loudly in annoyance but she had selective deafness. "What a wonderful day it was. Now I'm still alive for the next generation and hopefully the next." She said winking at me. I looked away disgusted at the way her wrinkles looked like the gnarled roots of an old tree when she did that.

"Yes, yes. I get it you're old may I please leave now?" I said in a sickeningly sweet tone in contradiction to my harsh words. She looked at me in shock before stammering a few useless syllables as I stepped of the pedestal and out of the room. I walked down the long hall with my shoes clicking noisily against the marble floor. I heard a door open up ahead and I saw Cadan walk inside of it. What's he even doing here? I thought as I walked to that same door and pushed it open a crack. I only opened it wide enough to see Cadan but I could still tell that there was someone else in the room.

"So just to confirm the plan, it's going to happen during the ceremony right?" He asked a little nervously. The person either spoke lowly or had a long pause. It was the later because they spoke.

"…yes. Be prepared to evacuate immediately and be sure that the king and Devi are in their designated areas." The person said. Cadan's eyes widened for a brief second as I wondered why this stranger was mentioning me.

"I thought you said Devi wouldn't get hurt!" Cadan said his voice jumping in volume. The stranger chuckled a little.

"In order for us to get Rune out of the way you're going to have to make a few sacrifices." How could I have forgotten Cadan wasn't a Runian? The only reason we were married was for the country to gain an ally of Wyntai. Of course after they proved their usefulness and needed help in a war between Charion we would abandon them but still.

"Yeah I guess…" Cadan spoke after awhile. Then I chose this moment to bust in the room to find out who this person was that had it out for Rune. Then I spastically threw the door open as wide as it would go making Cadan jump from surprise.

"What happened?" I asked as I rose up from my bed in the center before feeling sharp pain and lying back down. I saw Kaliska sitting in a chair in the corner playing with her eno. She abruptly looked up when I spoke.

"Huh? Oh—them construction guys hit you with somethin' I guess. It left a nasty bruise on da back of yer head." She replied before going back to toying with her device.

"So do I need to be taking to the hospital or something?" I asked as I adjusted my pillow for maximum comfort. She paused for a second while she worked her thumbs at the keyboard on the screen.

"…yea but don't nobody wanna pay fo' ya bills." She glanced up at me momentarily before unwrapping a candy from her pocket and sticking it in her mouth. Her canine like ears perked up at the sound of movement in the hallway. Kaliska let out a low whimper before jumping up out of the chair and leaving the room in a hurry. Puzzled at the strange Fushik I took a sip of the water that was on my bedside table. I decided to turn on the monitor that shows news and current events all around our world but since this was a cheaper model and bought in Rune, it only shows news in Rune. When I spoke the word 'on' it turned on and I was greeted with a picture of the hospital that Giblie is in.

"…hasn't been receiving enough funds to support their patients so we have no idea what's going to happen to them if they don't receive enough money to deliver them to the next available facility." The woman said. I felt my heart drop to the pit of my stomach. Damn where am I gonna get that kind of money to help Giblie? I thought. I was so deep in thought that I didn't notice the door being knocked on. It was the sharp, quick whispers outside that caught my attention and when the door was flung open with Milo and Ria spilling into the room.

"Heh heh, how's it going buddy?" Milo asked widening his tawny eyes in an attempt of innocence.

"I don't know, you tell me." I was quick to reply. He nervously exchanged glances with Rai who shrugged and mouthed 'go ahead: tell him'. I raised my eyebrows as if telling him to hurry on with it. "I assume you've seen the recent news right?" He finally asked. I lowered my brows and turned it into a glare.

"Yea…so? I don't want you guys to give me money you don't have. Giblie and I are fine all by ourselves." I said adjusting the ridiculously inflated saggy pillow again. Milo didn't say anything taken aback a little by my sudden change in attitude.

"Hey Milo what's that new job you have that doesn't allow you to o to the ceremony with us?" Ria asked in a desperate attempt to change the topic before it got weird. Milo's eyes brightened and her opened his mouth prepared to tell us the job. Kaliska then came sauntering back into the room looking at my friends strangely.

"Shouldn't you kids be at home getting ready for tomorrow?" She asked fixing her mouth in a slight but still threatening snarl. Milo jumped as the tall Fushik towered over his small 4 foot 2 frame.

"Yeah we were just leaving. C'mon Rai before she eats us." He muttered the last part but Rai, being her usual loud and obnoxious self, laughed loudly causing Kaliska to turn around and flick her claws at them to further the threat. I didn't know why she hated my friends but then again she wasn't too fond of me either. I glanced back at the monitor to see our princess Devi Celamine smiling plastically at the recorder. I scoffed and turned of the monitor ignoring Kaliska's curious and puzzled expression.