I was exhausted, physically and mentally.

Had I known what I would be facing, would I have come? I wondered, staring at my assailant.

Could I call him that? He hadn't abused me physically, though I had no doubt what the others were surrounding me for.

The warehouse was gloomy, with no colour. Was this where I was going to die? It was likely. I had no reason to hope.

I had skipped town, taking the spare ticket with me. Backup was not arriving any time soon.

I stared at him.

How did the one I love spring from this demon?

"What were you hoping to do?" He drawled- "Charm Satan?"

"Now sir," I baited him, "That was pretty arrogant. Satan? You?" I laughed, a bitter sound.

I was going to die anyway. Might as well go down fighting. If I had time, I would have been amazed how calm I was faced with death.

Truth? I had been dead for months- revived only through the hope of seeing him once more. Now I knew that was out, I was ready.

And because, I thought with a small smile, because I was ready- Victor would never be satisfied. He could kill me a dozen times over and I wouldn't care.

That would infuriate him.

I gave a lazy smile, holding onto pride even as I was bound on the floor.

Silenceā€¦His glare meeting my smile, the fury increasing.

"Was that charm enough?" I taunted, cocking my head and tasting death.

He ordered those around me to attack and I closed my eyes, welcoming it.