Chapter One

Breathing in deeply, Chase took in the freedom of the college buildings. For once in his life, he would be alone for a day. It wasn't as if he didn't love Sam, just two years being treated like a prisoner made him see outside life a little better.

He was almost thankful Sam didn't pass enough of his GCSE's to get into college. It was bad to even think that...

Chase shook his head, trying to get his mind focused. He drew the map out of his pocket, green eyes scanning for the English block. Looking up again, he saw that it was the small building to the left of the car park.

A group of rowdy boys passed him, a couple snickering as they set their sights on him. The sixteen year old sighed as his ears picked up the snide homosexual remarks.

He began to walk to the building, shoving the map in his pocket. He hated homophobes. It wasn't as if he fancied every single guy because he was gay. Sam usually put a stop to remarks like that...with his fists.

Sometimes he wondered how they knew he was gay in the first place. Then again, everyone said he looked like his mother...which could mean he looked feminine.

His mother would be away this weekend and she had told Sam, which meant his weekend would be full of his boyfriend. His heart tugged.

He was such a bad boyfriend to be thinking like this. The truth was, Sam loved him and he should be grateful for that. He was nice to Chase...

Pushing open the doors to the building, he almost got bowled over by a bunch of giggling girls. As they passed he caught snippets of their conversation.

"Was that a teacher?"

"A professor Anna."

"Cor, I so would."

"She would do anything," another girl in the group joked.


They disappeared into the crowds of students in the car park.

Chase rolled his eyes as he walked into the warm corridor, one hand on the strap of his messenger bag. Room 8...

His eyes scanned each door as he passed. English language was something he knew he had to have to get his place in University to study for the publishing business he wanted to get into. Except Sam didn't want him to go to Uni.

"Ah," he breathed in relief as he found his classroom. The door was already open so he scanned the small classroom, seeing ten people already seated, some speaking to each other, some just staring at the front.

His eyes rose to see what they were looking at and frowned. Young, blonde and handsome, the professor was sitting there glancing through some papers he had on his desk.

Chase scratched his head before deciding to sit at the back, where no one was. This way he could focus on his studies, without hearing the comments about the 'hot teacher' constantly.

Reluctantly, his green eyes rose to the desk, to see the blonde professor staring back at him. To his embarrassment, his cheeks coloured, his eyes quickly averting to his bag.

Oh this was going to be hell...

Professor Riley Adams knew that this was going to be a very long day. It was his first day in college and he had no idea what to expect from his classes. At least it wasn't like high school.

He would have hated to teach himself when he was a teenager. Hopefully, the teens had learnt some maturity from working and being out in the real world. And of course, there would be adults as well.

Two girls walked into his class, both brunette and wrapped up warm for the winter. They flashed large smiles at him.

"Hi girls, both taking English Language?" he asked politely.

"Yes sir," they answered in chorus.

"Please call me Professor or you can just call me Riley."

One of the girls giggled, setting off the other one as they took their seats at the front of the room. He sighed inwardly, as he started to look through his papers. A register, class sheet and his own timetable.

The class started to get larger, but not by much. Then again, he had four other English Language classes so his classes wouldn't be that big. He also taught the creative writing course, which was only two classes as it wasn't one of the main courses of the college.

Time seemed to fly as a few more people stumbled in from the cold, until he looked up. Riley's eyes picked out the sandy haired teenager sitting down at the back of the room.

His interest in the class immediately picked up. The boy wore loose jeans and a shirt over a top. Surely he must be cold...

The boy's eyes rose to meet his. A blush coloured the delicious fair skin but the boy swiftly looked down, going to his bag.

The professor cleared his throat, a technique he had learnt was rather useful to get the class to listen to him. The chatter started to die down as he stood up, people starting to take their seats. Only four boys sat in the class now including the sandy haired boy, making the number up to fourteen.

The town was very small, bordering on the size of a large village, so that was to be expected.

Riley strode over to the door and closed it. "Welcome class." He scanned the room once more, eyes lingering on the quiet sandy haired boy. "I don't expect you to call me Mr Adams, that is for high school and we are all grown ups here. Either call me Riley or Professor."

His grey-blue eyes glittered as he moved back to the front of the class. "Well as you all see there is a small booklet in front of you. That will explain all things we will cover in the course, but we will be starting with the basics of gender and its links with language." He rubbed his hands together. "Now, starting from the front, I want you to say your name and a little bit about you so we can all get to know each other."

"I'm Liz Jackson, um, I enjoy heavy rock music and want to some day write song lyrics for bands."

Riley patiently listened to everyone as they reluctantly opened up to the rest of the class. He finally got the fair haired boy out of his mind when it was his turn to speak.

The boy blushed a little. "Uh, my name is Chase Matthews. I guess I'm here to learn things I need to become a publisher." He gripped the strap of his bag as he spoke.

Riley's interest picked up once more to his disappointment. "Publishing? What an interesting career choice. Did you take the creative writing course?"

Chase nodded his head, wishing inside that the handsome teacher would leave him alone.

"Good, again, great choice." Riley shot him a quick smile before clasping his hands together. "Right, we better get on with things. If you'd like to skim through the booklet whilst I had out these sheets."

Chase sighed as he flicked through the booklet.

It had been a long day, too long in Chase's opinion. Professor Riley had taken three of his classes today, double English Language and a session of Creative Writing. There was supposed to be a separate Creative Writing teacher but he had backed out at the last moment leaving the position open and so Riley had taken in.

The distraction of the teacher hadn't helped, even sitting at the back. The jokes and fun way of learning had pulled him in, along with all the girls in his class.

Opening the front door to his home, he walked in and hung up his bag at the door. The warmth flooded over him, a delicious sensation after being freezing all day. Tomorrow, if it was like this, a coat was definitely needed.

Professor Riley had told the creative writing class to bring in any writing they had done over the years. That put Chase in a predicament.

Since being with Sam, writing had been the last thing on his mind but he did have a few pieces left from his GCSE's.

Heading straight towards the computer, he turned it on and skipped into the kitchen to get himself a glass of milk. His stomach flipped however when he glanced at the clock and saw that it was five o'clock already. Sam would be here soon...but at least his mother would be too.

The computer was loaded when he got back so he signed into his account and retrieved the file of his old GCSE English work. Luckily he had kept it all and not deleted it, like Sam had told him too.

Bringing up a couple of poems, he scanned through them briefly, deciding there wasn't much editing he could do to either of them.

As he printed those out, he brought up his story, which had amazingly got him an A*. It was the best work he had ever done, even if it was a three page horror flick. Chase couldn't help but get trapped into the story once more.

He didn't notice the front door opening. He didn't even hear the person who entered, walking down the hallway, straight towards the study.

Cold arms wrapped around Chase.

The boy screamed, spinning around in the intruder's arms. "Sam!" he gasped, his cheeks reddening.

The dark haired boy grinned as he brought his lips down to Sam's in a brief kiss. "Did I scare you?" he asked in a teasing voice.

Chase just numbly nodded his head. "H-how did you get in?"

"I did knock and no answer so I used my spare key." His boyfriend dangled the key in front of his nose to prove his point.

"I didn't know you had a spare key." Chase pouted, his eyes growing confused.

Sam just shrugged his large shoulders. "Your mum home yet?" He drew away from Chase, peering out of the study.

"No, but she'll be home soon."

Vivid green eyes instantly shot back towards the sandy-haired youth. "Soon could be a long time."

Before Chase could argue, Sam had him on his feet and pinned against the study wall. Sam claimed Chase's mouth, stifling any protests that would come out. Their tongues clashed together in a fierce battle of passion.

Chase had no choice but to give in to the expert ministrations of his boyfriend's mouth. They both let out moans as Sam ground their hips together.

The front door opened, causing the boys to quickly break away. Sam smirked at the redness of his lover's cheeks, pushing Chase gently back to the computer.

"Chase?" his mother called out from the door.

"In here!" he called back, trying to shift his jeans a little. He quickly printed out the story, collecting his papers together before standing up. The study door opened fully, his mum smiling at the boys.

"Oh hello Sam, how was your first day at work?" she asked kindly.

Chase's face fell a little. But that was how it had always been. His mum didn't know that Sam was his boyfriend, just a best friend. She loved Sam almost like a son because he took care of the people that wanted to bully Chase.

Sam didn't want to ruin that by telling their parents that they were together...

Chase pushed past his mum, the sheets in his hands. He swiftly put them in his bag before any questions were asked. He hated showing other people his work.

Just another night of take away pizza and night in front of the television with Sam.

Why was this all bothering him now? He should be happy. He didn't deserve anyone else.

"Chase, shall we go upstairs?" Sam asked softly and innocently.

He turned around and nodded, staring up the stairs. Sam was anything but innocent.

His mum smiled. "You two go have fun. I'll order the pizza for half six." She disappeared into the kitchen.

Sam's hands slid onto Chase's hips as he walked over. "Up we go," he murmured in his ear as they started up the stairs. "How was college?"

He was taken aback by his boyfriend's interest. Sam had always been against him going to college. "Uh, yeah it was great."

"Did you make any new friends?" the tone had a hint of a threat in it. Sam closed the bedroom door behind them.

Chase swallowed. "No." He shook his head as well to prove his point.

"Good." Sam's tongue playfully licked his earlobe. "Remember you are mine Chase." His hands slid lower, coaxing a breathy gasp from his submissive boyfriend. "Say it."

"I'm yours," the sandy haired teen breathed, losing himself in the sensations of Sam's expert touch.

"That's right Chase. Without me, you wouldn't be here right now. I have done so much for you." Sam spun him around so that they faced each other. "No one so much as touches you, understand?"

The boy nodded his head, a flicker of fear going through him. Biting his lip, he wrapped his arms around Sam and rested his head on his strong chest. "I understand."

Well this is the start of my new yaoi and I hope you all like it. It took me four days to come up with a suitable storyline, going from medieval times, to other weird things and finally to this after someone suggested the theme.

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