Chapter Fifteen

It had been the headline of the daily news and had even managed to leak to the mass media. A Professor tortured and held hostage as a sixteen year old boy was raped upstairs. Their names had been secured as well as their pictures. But how long would that last?

The Police Officer who had found the blonde man by the name of Riley Adams along with the sixteen year old boy, Chase Matthews, had never seen such a thing in his life.

The boy had refused to let go of the man, sobbing and thrashing against anyone who touched him. An unconscious male, Samuel Holt, lay by the bed, his trousers at his ankles and the boy's blood all over his thighs.

A seventeen year old rapist. What was the country coming to?

The attacker had already been issued a restraining order and no action had been taken when he abused that the first time.

This could have been stopped.

Another male lay in the hallway of the house. They had found him first. He had a mild head injury and later on they had found out he had been the one who had pretty much held and tortured the Professor.

His name was Jason Holt, a fugitive from the law. He had stolen two cars and was a suspect for three armed robberies, one in which a person had been killed.

The male Officer stared into the hospital room's window. The boy had had to be sedated and brought to the hospital. Evidence was made to prove the rape had happened. But as soon as he awakened, he screamed the place down for Riley Adams. To keep him quiet, the staff had moved their beds into a double room.

Chase had refused to stay in his own bed, snuggling up to Riley and not letting go. The Officer again, had never seen anything like that.

It had only been a week ago when he had been in the very same hospital, questioning the Professor about what had happened to the sixteen year old boy. He had been beaten up by his boyfriend, Samuel.

Things had taken a turn for the worst since then.

Riley Adams had survived against all odds, suffering two blows to the head and a broke arm. He, however, was still in a coma. He had been in that coma for four days now.

And in those four days, the Officer still couldn't get his head around how brave the two of them had been. Chase Matthews had gone from Scotland all the way down to the South, their little town in Kent, to swap his life in exchange for his Professor's. And the Professor, despite his condition, had fought off both attackers.

The deal had been simple: Riley Adams' freedom for a lifetime at the hands of an abusive would-be rapist. And the boy had gone to do that.

They still had to get a statement off Riley Adams, should he ever wake up from the coma. And they hadn't been able to get Chase to talk yet.

But as it was, they had enough evidence to create a case against Jason and Samuel Holt. With both of their statements, that case would be set in stone, especially with such a strong media behind them.

But even he, as a Police Officer, knew their cases would never be long enough for what the Holt brothers had both both the two of them through.

Kirsty Matthews and her partner Chris Langhurst, had been waiting to see Chase for days now and still they had not had a chance too.

When she had woken up and checked on her son that Wednesday morning, she had been worried to see he wasn't there. As she checked the entire house and spotted the keys lying on the doormat, a trait that Chase had when he lost his keys, her worry had escalated into pure fear.

Her and Chris had contacted the Police immediately, revealing that he had got onto a train at about midnight last night and they were following his trail. A couple of hours later, they phoned back telling them of the horrific incident.

No details were given until they arrived in the hospital.

Her beautiful son had been brutally raped by the person she had most trusted with him, had classed him as a son of her own two weeks ago. But what hurt her the most was he had pushed her away and screamed out for Riley whenever she tried to touch him or even go near him.

The doctor had informed her that there was only so much mental pain one person, especially a sixteen year old boy, could handle.

When he had been moved to Riley's room, everything had changed...but was still the same. Even curled up beside the Professor, he didn't talk to anyone, freezing up when he was touched.

Every day, the doctors had to pry the screaming boy off the man and tell him the only way he could go back was if he ate and drank.

Kirsty Matthews dabbed her eyes as she watched Officer Ward finally tear his gaze free of the window showing Riley and Chase.

"Every thing is going to be fine," Chris assured her as he held her close.

She nodded. But what if Professor Riley never woke up? Where would that leave Chase?

Chase ran his finger over Riley's dry lips, his hands shaking as they went by.

"I know things...have been happening so fast," he whispered, his dulled green eyes focused on his lover's face, imagining he were looking down at him. "And I know...I know you have to pull through this Riley...please, for both of our sakes."

Chase closed his eyes against the pain that swamped him. Again, Riley had saved him where he had failed.

"I've failed both of us," he croaked, his eyes burning. He had cried his last tears days ago. "But I think I'm in love with you you can't leave me." Green eyes opened and stared at him with raw emotion. "No...I know I'm in love with you. And you must be in love with me, because..." he paused as his throat clenched painfully. "Because...I once asked would you do this for anyone and said you probably wouldn't."

Chase rested a slender hand against his lover's chest, feeling the slow heartbeat.

Many people had come in and tried to get his attention, one of them being his mum. But they were reality. And he wasn't ready to face reality right now. He wanted to spend every second with Riley. He believed that him being here would help and if he even left his side for a moment, Riley would wake up to find him not there, by his side.

All the faces had been Sam's, all the hands on him had been Sam's, all the voices had been Sam leering at him.

The door to the room opened.

"Excuse me miss, that might not be a good idea," a male's voice voiced firmly.

"You can't refuse to let me see my own brother," a woman's voice replied angrily before the door slammed shut.

Chase stiffened as he heard footsteps approach the bed.

"Don't worry Chase, I'm not here to hurt you."

He bit his lip, burying his head into Riley's side.

"I know you've been through an awful lot so I won't talk to you if you want...but I really need to see my brother."

He heard the raw pain in her voice. Tasha...that was her name. Riley treasured her, he could tell. Riley would always bring up happy memories of their childhood together.

Chase lifted his head a little. A pretty blonde woman stood on the other side of the bed, her youthful appearance marred by dark lines underneath her eyes. There was a striking resemblance to her brother. "He...he's going to wake up," he whispered throatily, his vision burning again.

Tasha was surprised to find that the boy talked. Her and her parent's had heard that Chase was protecting Riley and no one was allowed inside until he calmed down. She smiled lightly, "I know he will too. He's too stubborn not to."

She watched as the boy gave Riley a haunted look.

"His parent's...he would want them here as well."

Tasha drew up a chair and sat down. "They are here but they are scared they will upset you by coming in."

Chase swallowed the lump in his throat. "I can't face mum, not like this. She...doesn't even know about me and Riley. And people keep touching me..." he trailed off faintly.

She gave him a sympathetic look. "I understand." Her hand reached out and stroked her brother's hair away from his face. "You two have been through so much in such short time. I hope your relationship isn't affected by this."

The boy squeezed his eyes shut, falling silent as he snuggled closer to his lover. He didn't want to speak any more...

As a groan came from above him. Chase's eyes shot open.


There was no reply then... "Chase?" It came out a hoarse croak.

"Oh Riley." Tears of happiness coursed down his cheeks as he propped himself up, seeing blue eyes looking down at him. Blue eyes, those morning blue eyes.

He said something Chase couldn't work out. "Pardon?"


The sixteen year old quickly moved to grab the drink off the table at the end of the bed. He held it to his lover's lips and helped him drink the water.

They just stared at each other after that. A slight smile touched Riley's lips. "Are you okay?" the Professor asked quietly.

Chase nodded. "Are you?"

Riley stared at him a little longer. "You did not fail either of us Chase and yes, I do love you because I would have never done that for anyone else except you."

The boy was taken aback. "How did you-"

He was cut off as Riley pressed a finger to his lips. "I may have been asleep but I heard everything Chase." Riley's smile grew a little more. "I was kind of amused at your stubbornness about leaving my side."

"Good," Chase lowered his head, kissing Riley on the lips a little. "If it's okay still...I do want to live with you."

His lover lifted his arms, connected to beeping machines and slid them around his slim waist. "Of course. That means I can have you all to myself."

Chase's heart fluttered. "Yes you can...Sam and Jason are going to be put away."

Riley frowned. "Let's never speak about them again."

"Agreed. Well, unless the Police question us."

"Okay. By the way, how long have I been out of it?"

"Too long," Chase murmured before kissing him again.

Meanwhile, the Officer and both set of parents stood at the window. Officer Ward's eyebrows rose at the sight.

He had told the parents to stay there, to finally let the two talk. The doctors were now being informed.

"They...are together?" Kirsty Matthews asked faintly.

Riley's mum and dad laughed a little. "Of course they are darling, look at them," his mum said happily.

The two of them were still kissing in the room. And despite everything that had happened to her beautiful son, he was smiling. She had never seen him so happy in her life. Hot tears trickled from her eyes.

Everything was so right...

The End

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