Gold, what is it about gold that lures a man's heart.

Is it the glittering glow, the imprintation or the symbol, having vast amounts gathered for their family reunion, or it is most fortified as being a source of power or strength.

Since the beginning when gold was first found people lusted and desired to possess it for themselves, killing, stealing, fighting, and even bowing like weaklings for several similarly built, yellowish-brown circular pieces.

To many it was the worst kind of competitive game, who can collect more currency then the rest and be deemed the winner.

But to some others it was just meant to be done in order to survive.

Survival should have been enough power to kill for, the right to continue living.

It was the way they took pleasure in the tiny coins that played on the hearts of millions trying to just stand up gracefully on this planet.

Such as in the case of Spain, a nation located in Europe that had been a major part of exploration and conquests in the 1600's, sending exploration teams halfway across the world to seize and capture lands not rightfully theirs and to condemn people who were completely innocent of any major jurisdictions against them.

Our story begins however on the Spainish ship, Annabelese Chase.