As we all settled into the inn, in which was designated a courthouse, the cold chill that many felt approaching a courtroom, was absent from me, and weather anyone believed it or not, I was a hero, just like the legends.

With the judge taking his seat in front of us, I had prepared myself, like Hercules in the battle with the hydra, I sensed the potent air or danger and catalyst, but I still held myself forward, and continued with my process.

"Aaron Hillard, you have been convicted of the murder of sixteen Spanish soldiers, illegal access and transportation to a forbidden country, under permission guidelines, and the murder and revolt, against a Spanish diplomat, Cortez Geras".

"Do you have any coralated, spoken words, to present here today, in this courtroom, for your defense?".

"Your honor, I say this, the days, the days that I spent alone, away in this world, scattering away, drifting from town to town, those days, in which I could have classified myself simply and respectfully proven, as a zero".

"A zero ladies and gentlemen, but today, yes here today before you now, before your very eyes, like a mythical unicorn or any other legendary creature, I stand out, I stand out to you, I stand out to my father, I stand out to the world, but most importantly, I stand out to myself, because here today, I am somebody".

"I know who I am, and now I humbly can say my name with fluid in it, not like a dry, empty, endless well, instead I am someone, I am a sewer, a sewer filled with the rushing cold water of a thousand people".

"Honestly on any other circumstance, I wouldn't defend myself, because obviously everything I have done presently here, has violated the bible, the constitution, the world ordinances, or just plainly, any scroll, script, book, or contract, ever created in this world's faithful and elaborate history, but I did all this in intentions, intentions and offerings, so good and pure, that the nectar from their fruit carapiece, would taste sweeter and better, then ten thousand cherries colashed together equally".

"I can't ask you to deem me a completely good man, but I won't be known as the image of a liar".

The judge leaned back in his chair, and prepared himself to speak in a serious and quite the quaint formal tone.

"Mr. Hillard, your defense was thoroughly thought out, and well educated, if I were a speculator examining it about five years ago, I would have said it, a worthy speech, full of flex and provocation, however, although the light and the shadows in my mind and thoughts, that bid me to let you free, I must remember my aposilistic oath, it is sadly, unfortunately so, that I claim you guilty, and summon your immediate execution, in response to the seventeen people you have sent to the afterlife here today".

Following the case, we moved back outside, in the marching parade that chorused my death warrant, with each movement I looked straight ahead, as we were heading toward the gallows, there, before the many people, I had saved and rescued, I was to be hung.

Hung for the simple facts of the law and ordinance, it was true, justice was blind, but also had a spear in her hands, ready to thrust it into the opposing victim.

Making my way up to the scaffold, I had noticed Aeayalah was no where in the crowd, at first I thought she was inside somewhere, not wanting to bare and watch me die there, in the village she loved so much, but then I would see an alternative reason.

As they had the noose around my neck, a figure jumped up on the back of the scaffold and cut me down.

The figure put my things down, and I quickly reequipped and rearmed myself, to find Aeayalah standing right behind me.

"Didn't want you hanging around any parties without me".

Two supervisors of the executions, tried to grasp at us, and pin us back, but I managed to knock them down and grab Aeayalah.

"Strange, I don't even know your name stranger?".

"Call me Hillard, Aaron Hillard".

I fired the first ram, the grappling hook went toward the rooftops, and we were away, into the sun.