My Subconscious Mind's Malfunction

A Collection of My Dreams

Once upon a time I was in a cave with my mom. I don't know what we were doing, but all of a sudden we were running really fast. I turned around and saw this HUGE carrot with fangs, eyes, arms and legs. We were running and screaming and then I woke up.

I went to school one day and NSYNC were lunch ladies. VERY short dream. I was eating and Joey came over and poked me. I gave him my mashed potatoes.

I was in Mexico or something with my best friend Taylor and my brother. Taylor and Trevor went up on a hill 'cause they think they're big strong impressive boys. They aren't. But anyway… I followed them and there was this really ugly man and a really ugly woman. They told Trevor to turn over a big rock and me to dig a hole. They told Taylor that he was useless and he could just watch. We turned over the rock and dug the hole and found these blue poker chips that said "Money" on them. Then we went on this big yellow pirate ship and met the characters from "Voyage of the Mimi 2" (a movie we HAVE to watch in science class) and we ate on a cheap boat with my mom and dad. They told us to honor the boat and then this girl came on the boat and broke a hole in the bottom to go scuba diving. True? Yes. Strange? Yes.

I dreamed these witch doctor guys grabbed my brother and threw me in the volcano and then the Power Rangers fell in.

I dreamed Harry Potter came to my door with my neighbor. Harry Potter says he'd like to sell me something or other, and my neighbor just stands there nodding in an odd way. I slam the door.

The front of one of my neighbors' houses was missing. Their dad was standing on the lawn with a gas can, laughing at me. Bubbles were flying around for no good reason.


More coming soon. Anyway, hope you liked it. They are all REAL!