More Weird Dreams

*This one time, I dreamed that I lived in the country and I had three of my friends come up to spend Thanksgiving with my family and I. The four of us played Playstation (which I do not have). Then my friend did something that made me really mad. So I jumped up and started yelling at her. We got in a huge fight and then about ten minutes later we made up. But then a guy who rides my bus, a guy who is in some of my classes and my crush came up to watch football at my house and I went and borrowed some olives from my grandma (I hate olives!).

*Once upon a time, I had a dream that my family was going to ride bikes with our cousins, who live out in the country (this list has a country theme so far, huh?). But when we got there it was dark out. But everybody wanted to go ride anyway. So we drove our bikes out to a field and rode them, but the field was haunted.

*Once I had a simple dream: I was really late to school and I hadn't done my homework. Strangely, this dream scared the living crap out of me and actually woke up very afraid.

*I had a dream one time that I lived in my grandparent's new house. I moved upstairs into an ugly little room where everything was decorated in pink-with-black polka dots. Then I took the wrong little stairway and tragically, I fell off of it since it was a sled made into a ladder.

*This one time, it was 7 o'clock and we were going to my cousins and I fell asleep in the car and just dreamed about Chandler from Friends for half an hour. Then my parents woke me up so I could see the prison out the window. [shrugs] Go figure.

*I dreamed that I went to this carnival. My crush this year and my crush last year and I went and ate corn on the cob.

*Once I had a dream that my dad, my brother and the people who ride my bus all went to the carnival (again?). I was working there, but then my dad, my brother and my brother's best friend walked in the forest at the zoo. I was riding on my dad's shoulders, which I haven't done since I was about seven. Then we went back to the carnival and this popular guy who rides my bus and I went and worked at this place where you could exchange tickets for prizes. Then I rode a donkey.

*Once I dreamed that the blue team at my school (all of the people who have the same math, science, language arts and social studies teacher) stayed at a fancy hotel with a merry-go-round in it. It had boats inside that you rode to your room. Then this one trouble-making kid picked a fight with a girl and a parent who was a chaperon for the trip saw him and got really mad.

Hope you enjoyed!