Chain Story Chapter Two by claireponcherrii

"Oh my god."

"Oh my god."


Natalie screamed, and I just stared wide-eyed at the box in my hand, waiting to be opened after I read the card. Rolling my eyes, I just ripped open the box, but Aiden passed by, asking,

"Oh my effing what, Nat?"

"Oh my god, look at what Ariel's holding!"

He looked, and being the dense idiot of a brother he is, answered,

"Yeah, it's a box... with a white mask."

Sighing at how stupid the supposedly student-council member was, I handed him a card, which to my surprise read out loud for the whole world to hear.

"Dear Ariel,
Please accept this small gift in exchange for a dance with me at the Masquerade.
Your Secret Admirer."

"Isn't that so sweet?"

"Isn't that so stupid?"

My blonde friend glared at me, as I just stuffed the present on the top shelf of my locker, with all the junk I kept, such as last week's half empty vitamin water and a library that was past its due date. Laughing, Aiden tossed the card, as I turned around to see what was so funny, to Mark. Slanting my eyes, I knew he was going to make fun of me. Instead of hearing a snicker, I saw something I'd never thought I'd see in my life time. His face turned pale, a sudden change of his green eyes occured, and his jaws tightened. But it was a quick emotion, and I blinked again, seeing the face I knew for years. He laughed, but it was almost forced, but neither Natalie nor Mark recognized it. Aiden joined him as Natalie crossed her arms. Maybe I was imagining things...

"What a loser this kid is! Well, at least no good guy is pining for you, Princess."

Yes, it was definately a trick of the light. He passed the note back to me, but he avoided my eyes. Typical. Right? He turned to Aiden as I scoweled,

"McAllister wants the data you were supposed to..."

"Oh crap! I totally forgot about that! I'll go print it. Tell Baker that I'm gonna be late for Chem."

Mark left without another word.

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