Beautiful Silhouettes.
~Mindless Impressions~

This is a carefree freewrite - not about anyone in particular at all. I love how light this writing is.

Like a sweet perfume against your skin
There were no pretenses in this world of yours
Just one pair of boots in your closet
Enough to fuel your ambitious journeys

Spilling your feelings and lying in the shadows
You're so meek, so humble, it's so nice to find
Humming, wondering what to do
Cleansing your soul in the porcelain bathtub

Your hair is so exotic, like jungles in the wind
You're so cute, it makes me giggle, giggle giggle so softly
You breathe every inch of air just to feel refreshed
Oh, if everyone knew of your beauty; danger, so dangerous

Withering in the sand, just little pebbles, little grains of sand
Your eyes speak; conjuring such a remedy
Soul like seaweed trapping all the little vessels
Into one place, just one small, comforting little place

Let's walk, my dear, through the grand canyon
We'll laugh and cry, until our tears run dry
We'll find our own little place through valleys hidden away
There's something living in these words

Buried in the soil, so rich and soothing
You're an ember; fire burning - sweet ignition
You're so fitting for your taste buds
And I still say, it's so comforting to taste this beauty