I want to fastforward our lives, for the image replaying is not enough. You, staring at me from the corner, you telling everybody, hands to mouth, secrets and lies, I demand compromise. You're a little intimidating, me, a little sensitive.

Your smile in the dark, piercing a new story in my mind; sounds romantic to my ears. So eager to run through fields of fractured fairytales, and lie down exhausted lying to ourselves, stealing the world, the sky, this moment only for us. Is it too much to feel your tired eyes brush against my insides, knowing we are real, this moment is real.

Your essence keeps me alive, keeps me striving for more, breathing you in, oh why do you run away.. for I want to run with you. I want to scream along the sidewalks, as if nobody in this town slept. I want to cast our shadows upon the horizon, as if the sun would sit still for hours ... as if we could blend with the atmostphere; can we be beautiful, oh so beautiful? One word, one kiss, leads me into another direction, constantly rekindling this connection; can't get enough satisfaction, it's you.

Drowning, forcing this beauty within, 'till I stray.. 'till I am only ONE amonst the world today. Wandering, faster, sweet insanity, crawl into my veigns - rush into me, devour me, until I have nothing left but resigned beauty, invigorating, passing by. I don't need you, I don't need me, I need this world, it needs me.