The chalice passed from her lips to his, their blood mixed inside, signifying the unity of their two nations, Alphos and Bravug. Burgos, king of Alphos and Lee, Queen of Bravug were married. She shuddered as his lips hit hers, his arm pulling her body into his as he raised his glass high. Their two flags were raised, The bright white of Alphos, and the royal blue of Bravug, The latter being hung lower, showing Lee's subservience to Burgos. All guests raised their glasses, gleeful cries rising as Dolena, High priestess of the Sargus pronounced the two unified as one.

Lee left her glass upon the table, not wanting any part of the celebrations. She had been forced into this arrangement to save her people from the waiting forces of the Sargus, a dark nation which now held a level of power that hadn't been seen in the world since ancient times. Sargus now had the allied power of 8 of 13 kingdoms, and the remaining five were scattered throughout their land, making a treaty seem impossible. Lee hated the empire, and wanted nothing more than to see it destroyed. Why then was she now a part of it? Because her country was surrounded by dark forces from all sides, leaving her to either let her country die, or enter into the alliance. Her armies were the best in the world, but even she knew that skill was no match for sheer numbers, and so she preserved her country, allowing herself time to think of a strategy. She flinched as Burgos draped an arm across her shoulders, attempting to keep her composure. Her eyes flitted across the massive room, taking in the leaders of each nation, each draped in their own country's colour. The crimson of Delos, Black of sargus, The bright emerald of Charlov, and the burning gold of Hotesa. She let her eyes linger on the gold, before cringing as her lips were assailed once again. "I'll leave you now, my King, in preparation of our wedding night." She said, slinking away as he started another round of cheers.

Kaseus's body strained as he watched Burgos revel in his victory, running his hands carelessly over Lee. She was a queen, and she was being treated like a cheap servant. Her regality still showed even as she was paraded in front of the guests like a spoil of war. He watched and waited, making the right gestures at the right times as he waited for the wine to take over the already stumbling Burgos. His was a kingdom of cannibals, eating their enemies, carving beauty out of their bones. He watched Burgos, thinking of what a fine meal he would make for his servants, and promised himself that he would one day taste his flesh. His anger seethed as he watched his queen's shudders, He rose, pretending to stumble as Lee made her exit.

She closed the door of the bed chamber behind her, before making her way to a stand in the corner of the room. She slowly shed her royal garments, folding them ceremoniously and placing each on its own shelf. Finally she stood bare, except for the ring on her finger, bearing her royal seal. She picked up a set of clothes which had been left for her, an intricately woven white dress, which barely covered what it had to. The fabric was so thin that if she passed any light, her body was on display. She heard the door open, and slowly close afterwards as she continued to face away. Footsteps approached her, slow, torturous footsteps. She didn't want it to be this way. She'd never thought of herself as anyone's whore, but that is what she felt like now. He had wanted her for as long as she could remember, and tonight he would take her. She could feel his fingers brush her sides as he slipped his arms around her, she could hear him breathing in her scent.