Hey I know I promised a couple of people a story would be up soon - and it will be. My friend is editting it at the moment. This is an old story I found on my computer the other day - its really short but enjoy! (and please review :D)

Have you ever been dared to turn around on a public bus and hug the guy your friends are calling 'hot' that is standing behind you? If so – I speak from experience – DON'T DO IT!

Have you ever been dared to turn around on a public bus and hug the guy your friends are calling 'hot' that is standing behind you? Well that's what just happened to me. Me, being me – and the fact that they said they would give me 20 dollars if I did it – turned around and hugged him.

"Um, hi?" was the response I got.

I looked up at him. Oh shit. "James?"

"So you do know me? It wasn't just some random thing?" he asked, still looking very confused.

"Actually that's exactly what it was meant to be."

"Can I ask why you were hugging random people on buses?"

I twitched my lips, "Well ... you see ...if you really must know my friends said they would give me twenty dollars if I did it."

He laughed, "Perfectly acceptable reason."

The bus stopped suddenly and he grabbed one of the poles, I wasn't as quick though and was waiting to hit the floor when I felt someone grab me and hold me close to them. I looked up at James ... damn tall people ... to find him smiling down at me.

"Still a klutz I see."

I glared at him, "I am not a klutz! I have fantastic reflexes and co-ordination – ask my doctor! I'm just accident prone!"

"Same reply, too. You haven't changed that much."

"It's been 3 years – I have too changed! I have grown! And I now have boobs!" I hadn't grown much but still...

He looked down, "I noticed."

I hit him.

"OW! What was that for?!"

"You perving on me!"

He still had an arm around me. He was acting as if we were just as good friends as we were three years ago – before he moved. "What happened to us?"

He looked surprised, "What?"

I repeated it, "What happened to us? We used to such good friends then you moved and stopped talking to me."

He paused then answered, "Truthfully, I didn't have the guts to tell you I liked you. I figured it would be easier for me to stop talking to you but by the time I realised my mistake I didn't think you would talk to me."

"You liked me?"



"What?" he looked confused.

"I liked you too."

A small smile spread across his lips, "Really?"


"And, hypothetically, what if I said when I said liked you I didn't mean it as if I didn't like you anymore."

"Then, hypothetically, I would reply that maybe I meant the same."

"And, hypothetically, what if I kissed you?"

"Then I would have to hypothetically kiss you back."

He leaned down and I reached up and we shared our first kiss on a public bus and all because my friends paid me to hug a 'random' hot guy.