Under the Apple Tree

Summary: Oneshot. It was another Friday afternoon, just you and me under the apple tree.

It was another Friday afternoon, just you and me under the apple tree. It was one of the many traditions we'd had since primary school, back in the days when girls still had cooties, and I was laughed at for hanging out with a guy.

We met back when we were toddlers. You moved to the house next to mine and then we grew up together. We did everything together. You were my partner every single time we were told to do things in pairs and till this day you still are – whether it be dissecting fish in the science lab or going to dances, we were always partners.

Ever since the beginning of primary school, we'd stop at the apple tree one street away from our houses every Friday, just to do whatever. Sometimes, we sat in silence watching as cars passed or together we chatted animatedly about movies we wanted to watch.

Today, sitting under the apple tree, it was one of the days where you were completely wiped out and you stared off into the distance. I talked about my day and how my maths teacher Mr Donald had forced me to go up to the board and explain to the class how to solve a problem I had no idea how to do, but you didn't reply. You just sat there every once in a while muttering "Mmmhmm…", "Yup", I wondered if you could even hear me. You stared intently across the road. So intensely I paused in my speech and turned my head to see what you were looking at.

…Or rather who.

Just then, Tiffany Stevens walked down the road in all her glory. She had on the shortest mini skirt I had ever seen donned with a black singlet.

Figures you'd be staring at Tiffany. You're captain of the basketball team and Tiffany is our school's head cheerleader. Who would you be kidding if you said you didn't like her?

Okay. I'll be honest. I'm jealous, but I can't help it. You've always been there for me and somewhere along the way I've fallen for you, but I guess it's too late. You're in love with Tiffany.

You're still looking across the road, transfixed. It's like you're stuck in a bubble where you can only see Tiffany. I doubt you're even going to hear me if I blurt out a love confession…

"I know you love Tiffany, but I thought I'd just take this moment to say some quick words. I doubt you're even listening anyway, but you mean a lot to me. I don't know what I'd do without you, but everything you do makes me fall for you. I think I'm in love with you".

I looked back at you, expecting your eyes to be gazing down the road looking for the retreating back of Tiffany, but instead I found myself staring into your eyes.

"You don't know how long I've been waiting for you to say that. I love you too, but why would you say that I'm in love with Tiffany?"

I watched you quizzically.

"Weren't you just staring down the street watching Tiffany?"

You laughed your beautiful laugh.

"I was just staring off into the distance, thinking of all the good times we've had together".

I smiled widely and leaned in to kiss you.

Another Friday afternoon, just you and me under the apple tree, partners again.

A/N Short – I know, but I had this idea an hour ago and I needed to write it down, thus wasting an hour where I should have been studying for my exams next week…

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