A brief History of the "Church of the Blood Moon" ((Commonly referred to as a cult by all other religious institutions.))


Speaker of the shells: A master of firearms and land based warfare. Awe inspiring to those that stand beneath them and by far the truest visage of battle seen in over a thousand years. It is said that upon the coming of age for a Speaker, a firearms casing will call out to them and show their path to glory through the echelons of the blood moon.

Priest of Fields: Expert in magnetism, so much so that they are able to redirect entire energy fields to their whim. From the Priests comes the ability to bring entire cities to a grinding halt. To stat them as genius may be a mistake, to call them a freak may be far more adequate.

Ark of Tesla: Part electrical engineers, part religious zealot. These cultists were human lightning rods, hard wired and capable of redirecting ambient electricity into far reaching arks of lightning into whatever direction they chose. From these came the cults ability to keep nearly all of its scattered mechanical units going, far past when they should have ceased working.

Whisper of the Past: Fieldsmen, survivalists, call them what you will. Whispers are some of the few within the cult that truly understand nature and its finest nuances. It is them that you must worry about when approaching any of the cult's fortifications. They know the terrain, and that you are there far before any sensors would pick you up.

Metal Sledge: Metallurgist extraordinaire and tinkerer at heart. They are probably the shortest lived due to experimenting with dangerous alloys at extreme heat and pressure though many of their creations far outlived their creators. To this day we still see structures made out of their advances in metallurgy.

Fire Dancer: Insanity incarnate would be their best description. These are far from the elite of the cult but they are the ones who will defend it no matter the loss of limb, life or anything near by. It is said that before each incursion they dance nude to the erratic spectacle of a bonfire.

Magnetites: Similar in nature to Priests but only in partial context. Their bodies have been exposed to near suicidal amounts of electromagnetic energy and they are a nightmare to anything with a running current ((i.e., electronics)). There are texts stating that one within 200 yards of any electric information storage device would immediately render the device useless, the same goes for air waves such as radio, radar and to a lesser extent disruption of brainwaves.

Occultists: The missionaries and voice of the cult of the blood moon, gifted orators and those that have learned how to alter and sway mob mentalities to better suit those within the cult. Horrifying to watch in action, most videos and sound bites from the occultists are banned material to due to how viral their words were. The vault of records is rumored to have all of those that made it onto open airwaves recorded and sealed to be studied by the Military Complex to better understand how they worked.

Initiates: Possibly the only branch that is not wholly dedicated to the cult. Here we have a wide spread of people, backgrounds, hopes and dreams. They are quite easily the most relaxed group within the cult though their views seem to harden past that of blast tempered steel after just a few brief years within the cult. From what can be gathered, most of the information about the rest of the cultists came from the Initiates.

There are several others that fell into the hierarchy of the cult, but by far these were the ones who made the greatest impact on our history. The existence of the cult, while initially designed as a joke, quickly became anything but.

Texts state that, initially the "Church of the Blood Moon" was created to mock the stupidity of all other religions in existence at the time. Their first leader, whose name has been removed from all texts, went about choosing the best and brightest minds to found each of the listed classes. While it did start as a joke, it quickly built upon itself the fastest and most successful research firm that had been seen in generations.

What started off as a joke soon become both fanatical and proceeded to exponentially stretch out its borders within the lifetime of its creator. From what is stated, the remnants of the cult may very well still have his/her body in cryogenic suspension in some unknown territory, or like mythos stated, imbedded in the heart of the first true trans-stellar vessel. Weather this is true or not is purely conjecture and will probably remain so long past its use.