You and I

the unique ones

Strange & weird

Loving and True…

You & I

We'll see through this & every time…

You and I

Silly; foolish…

madly, stumbling into love

growing fuller, you are

embedded deeply within my heart

foolish days

dwindling away

The stars reflected

in your warm eyes

You are mine

I'll cherish your soul

I know

You feel the same

Surely, I am yours too.

You & I

Walking step by step

Day by day

You & I

We trip and we fall

Pick me up

We'll make it through.

You love me

I can see it

Feel it in your touch.

I love you.

Want to hold you…

Make you mine.


Love me

Cherish my soul

Hold me, listen to my words

Take care of me

And I will never leave


Pleasing, this soft

Yet fervent love

Take a breath

And a step back.

Promise, a promise

I'll never let you go

These rings upon my fingers

Let us not brake it,

You & I

A deep sleep,

In waiting

For that white and lovely day

Black and white

A suit & a dress

A beaming, red cheeked face

Looking up, the final kiss

You & I