I wrote this so quickly. Seriously. It probably took forty-five minutes. I'm fairly sure it was less than an hour. It's short, I know, but I just thought of it and I needed to get the idea down. I hope you like it, though. :]]

I Missed You, Too

"Kali, you know I love you, right?"

She turned away, embarrassed, though her feet kept kicking at the wood chips as she slowed down the now uneven speed of the swing.

"Kali, come on. What's wrong? Is there another guy?"

And at this, she started sniffling, only letting a few rebel tears glide dangerously down her red cheeks. She shook her head a few times, left, right, left, right.


The boy had used her old pet name from their first time being together; the time when they were so happy, when everything was perfect and they were young. Everything changed after they broke off from each other. She knew that it just wasn't the same anymore; getting back together would never make the sharp memories fade.

"Please, tell me what's wrong, Kali, please. I want to know. I just want to know."

He choked out the last sentence quietly, and she felt horrible. Her mind dizzy, yet frozen. Thoughts needing to be sorted out frantically scrambled around until coming to an abrupt stop. Time stood still; hearts stopped beating, eyes stopped blinking. She dragged her feet on the wood chips, letting herself slightly fling forward, almost falling off. Her gloved hands let go of the chains. Fingers pulled furiously at gnarled hair, tangled and flustered by the wind and her rage.

Tears flooded down her face, as if a dam just gave way. The darkness surrounded her, embracing her in a cold, lonely grip. The shadows of his hands reached toward her, and she pulled back, unwilling to let the shadow consume her. She felt cool fingers, then a warm palm cup around her cheek, and she found herself involuntarily looking up with bloodshot eyes.

"I love you."

Her eyes looked into his, as the moonlight shone gently on the sides of their faces. She stared up at him, noticing a slight redness to the boy's eyes. He fell down to his knees, staring at her at the same level now.


She stared at him, her blue irises fading to grey in the darkness. His hand dropped from its position of her face. She shook her head slowly then grabbed his hand. She placed it on her chest, above her heart. The boy, taken back for a moment by the placement of his hand on her breast, released a breath he hadn't known he was holding. The wild beat of her heart felt like a young child playing the drums; not rhythm, completely random, too fast, too loud.

"I love you, Kali."

His free hand made its way around her waist, as his face became closer to hers. They were mere inches, centimeters, then millimeters apart. The tip of his nose pressed against hers for a moment then brushed over it as he tilted his head to the side. His lips covered hers as he kissed her in a way that he hoped would show his passion. He gently broke away, dropping his hand from her face once again, and pulling his arm back, from behind her to his side.

"I miss you, Kali."

He quickly brushed away a single tear from the corner of his eye. She leaned forward, placing her arms around his neck, jumping slowly off of the swing, then pulling him into a tight embrace. Her head turned in, finding its natural place in the crook of his neck. His arms found their way around her and rested on her lower back. Her mouth slightly opened, preparing to let out a small sound. Vocal chords straining to find the right words, she finally spoke softly.

"I missed you, too."