2nd Grade:

"Come on, Demitri!" I called as smiled.

"Coming…" Demitri said quietly as he hastily walked to catch up to me.

We walked towards the swings and I helped Demitri on one of them. I was like his older sister, even though he was older than me. Ever since that day in first grade, we were always hanging out together. After Taylor had moved, we were all we had left.

"Let's sit here." I flopped down at an empty table.

"Okay." Demitri quietly sat down next to me.

I looked around my seat. I had forgotten my lunch. "Oh, darn…" I pouted my face.

"What's wrong, Rachel?"

"I forgot my lunch…" I sighed.

"Here." he looked straight at me.

"Huh?" I perked up looking at him. The same black hair, the same green eyes, and the same amazing face.

"We can share our lunch." he smiled.

"Its okay, Demitri."

"No, we can share." he insisted and gave me a puppy-dog smile.

"Thanks, Demitri."

We sat next to each other and shared his lunch. He split his sandwich in half and shared everything else in half, too. It was delicious.

"That was so yummy!" I giggled and smiled.

"Really?" Demitri's face brightened.

"Mnm-hmm!" I nodded my head up and down.

From afar, I could hear the teacher calling. "Come on, children. Time for class! Throw all your trash and clean up your area, please." she motioned all of us to form a line.

"Time to go, Demitri!" I pulled him along by the hand after we threw away our trash.

"O-okay…" Demitri followed.

After we went back to our classroom, we all sat down in our seats.

"Please take out your pencils and open your notebooks to page 5." the teacher said. Then another teacher walked into the classroom and started whispering something into our teacher's ear. When they were done whispering, the teacher told us, "I'll be right back. Make sure you're ready by the time I get back." she smiled and ran off.

As soon as she left, everybody just kept on getting ready, except for one kid. The bully. Andrew.

He got up and walked over to Demitri's desk. My eyes followed him like a hawk.

Demitri was writing something when Andrew came up and snatched away his pencil.

"Thanks, stupid." he chuckled evilly. "I needed a nice pencil like this." he lifted the pencil into the air and eyed it.

"Hey, give that back." Demitri said as he stood up and tried to reach the pencil.

It was just out of his reach. And I couldn't be of any help since I wasn't any taller than Demitri.

"I don't think so." Then Andrew socked him in the stomach.

"Oof!" Demitri fell on the floor, his face looking sick. Demitri didn't say another word after that punch. All he did was sit there and watch Andrew go back to his seat and take his pencil with him.

That was enough. That Andrew had gone too far.

Demitri was still on the ground, the class was still staring from Andrew to Demitri. And I was furious. I walked over to Andrew's desk… and snatched away the pencil.

"Hey!" Andrew said in shock and anger.

"Hey to you, too!" I glared. "This is Demitri's pencil, not yours!" I shot into his face.

"It's not his anymore!" Andrew stood up and over-towered me.

"Yes it is! Now go get your own pencil and leave Demitri alone!" I turned around and started walking back to Demitri. The next thing I heard was gasping from the class. I wondered what they were gasping about. Then Demitri screamed, "Look out, Rachel!" On the ground I could see Andrew's shadow and a fist in the air.

Right before his fit hit my body, I turned around and grabbed his fist. "I don't think so." I snickered.

"Wha-what!?" Andrew exclaimed in surprise.

While Andrew was trying to pull out of my grip, I let go and he staggered back and fell on the floor. Everybody started laughing and cheering.

"Here you go, Demitri." I handed him the pencil.

"Thanks, Ray." he smiled and gave me a quick hug.

I hurried back to my seat before the teacher came in…

And when the teacher did come in, I wasn't the one on the floor, it was Andrew.

"Andrew! Why are you on the floor?" the teacher exclaimed with a tinge of frustration.

"I-I-I…" Andrew stuttered.

"Go back to your seat and take out your notebook, Andrew." the teacher said firmly.

"Yes, ma'am." Andrew looked at me and glared.

I kept a straight face and changed my direction to Demitri. He was silently working on his classwork without any movement besides his pencil working.