"Your unforgetable love"

Is leaving me behind these tears

No matter where my heart is

I still see you

I want to forget you

All those lies you've been telling me

"The heat of your body and your face

I can still feel"

I want to forget and move on

Nothing but bad luck stands in my way

I wish it would zoom by just like the wind

Lust I tell you

Desire I see

In all of my memories where are you?

I can't seem to find you

Its like you were a blur to my life

Deep inside my heart I see you

But my mind does not

I'm begging you to look for me

I don't want any regrets hanging

Pictures come flashing by

"The final tears are ripping my heart apart

Leaving scars that will never heal"

Still I have regrets

"I want to go back

What do I do now?"

Author's Note: You're probably wondering why the title is called Romantic. Well hmm its a song by SHINee and since I've used part of the lyrics from that song I deicided to name it Romantic. Which is way you see quotation marks. Its a beautiful song I must say. Disclaimer: I dont own Romantic by SHINee.